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In this side-scrolling Action RPG, you take the role of a World Eater which travels through The Void smashing and burrowing into unsuspecting worlds. There you can:
• take control of a summoned Dragon which can be equipped and customized for maximum mayhem and destruction,
• command minions to assassinate, pillage, spy and terraform,
• defend against Settlement Armies, Thieves, Heroes and Slayers,
• fight other dragons for supremacy and new abilities,
• forge armors and abilities,
• obliterate entire worlds on a whim,
• and more....
Experience a dynamic world where Settlements react to Dragon presence by:
• boosting each-other via Loot Caravans,
• scouting around for Loot that may have been dropped by Dragons,
• summoning Armies and Heroes to steal from the Dragon's Lair,
• summoning Dragon Slayers to hunt down Dragons.
Experience the randomness of a world where biomes and their settlements, settlement armies and their abilities, events and... pretty much everything related to the world will be randomized on every new game.
This game lets you mod just about anything from how everything looks to what everything uses to attack you with.
• Steampunk Dragons? - no problem!
• Units firing sheep as projectiles ? – done!
• Biomes made of cake? - already there!

In this epic domination contest will you survive long enough to become Ruler of The Void?


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This universe is populated by countless worlds teeming with life and a seemingly infinite biome variety.

In what seems like an all you can eat buffet, space faring entities known only as World Eaters travel from planet to planet in order to devour resources and life force. They turn the life force into Domination Energy which they use to summon Dragons as their heralds of doom.

These monumental creatures create their own twisted biome version which they’ll imprint on a planet on impact. As the host planet gets progressively terraformed so does the World Eater’s hold over the world’s resources and its core. Once the world becomes devoid of life and resources, the World Eater obliterates it before opening a Void Gate to its next meal.

Although capable of unimaginable destruction, they’re vulnerable to the "insects" that inhabit the worlds. The Settlers will rush to a World Eater’s core to steal its life force which also happens to be a mountain of precious stones and metals. To protect themselves, the World Eaters collect Dragon Cores which they use to summon Dragons of different shapes, sizes and types.

They will act as Lairs for the summoned Dragons using excess resources to build up a comfortable habitat for them, giving them access to Abilities, Armors and Minions and providing them with healing and transportation.

When not on a world, Lairs will retreat in the Void where they can use stored Domination Energy to forge new Abilities and Armor for Dragons and fiddle with various settings of the Universe.


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Dragon's Hoard: Domination v. a1.01 - PC

Dragon's Hoard: Domination v. a1.01 - PC


This is the Dragon's Hoard: Domination 1st alpha release (tutorial not included). Unzip, run the .exe, enjoy. This version includes: - Procedurally generated...


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