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A New Tactical RPG Coming in September 2018

Depth of Extinction’s engaging storyline is rich in detail – unfolding gradually through random encounters. For maximum tactical freedom, the game allows you to choose from 8 different classes (each with their own unique skills) and up to 115 different weapons, armor, and items. Think ahead – and think fast – to remain in one piece after each mission ...

Are you ready to take part in mankind’s last stand? If so, a word of warning: Depth of Extinction is not forgiving – and death is permanent!

Key Features

  • Experience a deep storyline through random encounters and real permadeath.
  • Fight fire with fire in thrilling turn-based tactical battles.
  • Enjoy stunning pixel art that blends the old with the new.
  • Choose from 8 different classes – each with their own unique skills.
  • Gear up with more than 115 different weapons, armor, and items!

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We skipped an update for Build 44 but are going to cover that build plus 45 in this extra special “last” blog post before the final stretch run to release the game onto Steam, GOG and itch.io! We will have an announcement regarding the launch date later this week.

Before we get to the new stuff, take a second to check out our launch trailer!

Now that you've enjoyed that, on to the changes!

Enemy Dispersal

Enemies will now “disperse” when the pod wakes up. This means they will move into cover if close by or will enter overwatch. This won’t start happening until medium difficulty missions as it does add to the initial difficulty.

Follow Mode

Follow Mode is the biggest new feature we launched in these builds. It had quite the evolution over the course of the last month or so as we integrated player feedback. You choose a “point” for the team and an optional “trailer” and then control the point while the rest of the team follows you. Your point can position next to a door and then wait for the rest of the team to automatically position around him/her. Followers will also automatically reload after a fight and move to pick up loot around you. You can also configure them to be offensive or defensive (staying in cover) to fit your play style or the situation.

Enemy Pod Spawning

Enemy pods also changed a good bit in these builds. We now have three different types of pods and determine enemy “roles” to make sure that a pod has a “primary” enemy and secondary enemies.

Full pod - this will 3-4 enemies depending on the difficulty level. It has a primary enemy and 2-3 secondary enemies. Will be two of these pods spawned in the level.

Small pod - this will have 2-3 enemies depending on the difficulty level. It will not have the primary enemy. Will be two of these pods spawned in the level.

Boss pod - this will have 4-5 enemies, with the boss added to the full pod. Should only be in enemy “boss” encounters and “final” missions and will be in the level at most one time.

Speaking of bosses, now the “final” mission on objective always has a boss in the objective (loot, sub, etc) room.

Sub Unlock Objectives

We also added Sub Unlock objectives into the mix. In each zone except the Republic, there is a sub construction facility with a new “prototype” sub you can find and bring back to the base. You’ll have to get to the sub with more than one character and then have one of the characters “enter” the sub and drive it back to base. The remaining characters then must get back to the starting sub.

New subs include the Medical Sub which lets you revive a dead character after successful mission.

Finished Character class stat effects

  • Deadeye - increases visual range
  • Assault - reduces shotgun range penalty
  • Wildcat - increases weapon range/accuracy up to +2
  • Soldier - increases dodge and status defense
  • Warden - increases cover use bonus
  • Wrecker - increases damage dealt to cover up to +2
  • Annihilator - increases visual range and dodge chance
  • Butcher - increases health up to +10
  • Swashbuckler - increases movement radius up to +2

Other stuff

  • Turrets are now triggered in rooms by firing a weapon or opening a loot box.
  • The enemy AI now uses skills.
  • We’ve added even more “barks” (the text over the character heads) including custom barks for Mercs in addition to class based barks.
  • Added some Cutscenes
  • Camera drag is more intuitive and we’ve made several panning improvements.
  • Updated background floor/wall colors and associated cover to reduce blending. Also shortened all cover so that it was easier to see the square behind it and more clear what area it “covers.” Also moved loot boxes to the front of their cover square so it was more clear where to click.
  • Support 21x9 resolution and fixed resolution bugs
  • Made several optimizations to make the game and AI run faster.
  • We’ve updated the game logo.

Balancing Changes

  • Enemies disperse starting on medium difficulty
  • Turrets use overwatch on hard
  • Enemies use overwatch when dispersing on impossible
  • Level layouts are a little smaller except on “final” missions
  • Hard and up zone maps are smaller
  • XP earned for a hit lowered
  • Multi shot weapons were getting extra hits
  • XP earned for destroying turret lowered
  • Base XP for mission completed raised
  • No limit on mercs or team member
  • Hostages you can’t add end up in team back at base
  • If team wipes, equipment not currently equipped is available at base

More screenshots!





Build 43: Portraits, Scenarios and New Objectives

Build 43: Portraits, Scenarios and New Objectives


Build 43 is now available on Itch and Steam! We've got all the details on Build 43 in our latest DevLog, including the new scenarios, objectives and character...

Depth of Extinction Build 43: UI Encounters and Menus Updated

Depth of Extinction Build 43: UI Encounters and Menus Updated


We've made great progress on the updated encounter system recently. We’ve got a great system that lets you balance risk/reward much better than the...

Build 43 Preview: Changes to Objectives and Scenarios

Build 43 Preview: Changes to Objectives and Scenarios


We've got big announcements about DRM free stores, writing our "story" missions, AI improvements, easy mode and much more in the Build 43 Preview!

Depth of Extinction: The Wrecker and Warden are here!

Depth of Extinction: The Wrecker and Warden are here!

News 2 comments

We're excited to introduce the latest classes in the turn-based tactical RPG Depth of Extinction: the Wrecker and the Warden. The Wrecker wreaks havoc...

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