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Deadly Shot

1.Deadly Shot-Zombie Mode
Did you ever feel like just killing zombies? Are you tired of the normal, boring zombie modes? Well, then you should try our zombie mode. The Deadly Shot Zombie Mode will include a very long camapign, multiplayer missions and a wave attack system.
As you might know, we used to have a story for the DS:Zombie Mode, until we realised that the story may or may not be quite similar to stories from other games, and we do not want to copy any other story in our game. So, we are currently working on the new story, but if you folks have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to contact us by writing a comment, sending a moddb Private Message or sending a email to :deadlyshot.team@gmail.com
Now, for the Zombie Multiplayer. You'll be able to play some of the missions from the Singleplayer campaign in Co-op with your friends or online. Also we want to develope a player vs. player Zombie mode, where some players are survivors and other players are zombies. The zombies have a limited amount of respawns, so if the survivors last long enough, they will win the game. The Zombies win when all survivors are infected.
Last, but not least, we want to make a wave attack system, which basically means that you are on a closed map where you can buy guns etc. and the zombies will attack in waves. Each wave will be stronger, that means more zombies than the one before it. The Zombies HP won't increase forever, just in the first few rounds. The wave game can be played either Solo or Online. In Solo mode, there will be less zombies, but once you're dead you're not able to get revived.
What we want to add to all the Multiplayer Game Modes is a voting system. You will be able to vote for game intermissions. The game will pause if everyone votes for the break and you'll be able to get yourself a nice drink, some food or do whatever you would like to. Also you'll be able to vote for a game restart, if you and your team are not doing good. So now, choose your tactics and kick some undead ass!

2. Deadly Shot- Online PvP Shooter
Deadly Shot Online PvP will try to bring reality back in the gaming business. Trickshoting, Knife Running and all kind of other unrealistic stuff will not be supported in Deadly Shot PvP. Deadly Shot PvP is a mix of the modern Run&Gun Shooters and tactical shooters. Also, in Deadly Shot PvP, we want to make sniping very realistic. Sniping means being accurate, silent and deadly, not running around and quickscoping people.
2.1 Your Soldier
Deadly Shot will include a never seen before layout system: You have your primary gun, with different attachments: sight attachment, a rail attachment (Laser pointer / flashlight), a barrel attachment (Silencer etc.) and attachments under your barrel (Grip, Bipod, Launchers etc.). Your secondary will be a pistol with 1 attachment. You can equip yourself with grenades, C4 or sticky grenades. Tactical grenades will be red and green Smoke Grenades. When you throw a red Smoke Grenade, allied Choppers and Jets will see it on their radar, marked as an enemy target. Both you and the pilot will gain additional points for enemies killed in the area that you marked. Green smoke Grenades can be used to get supplies or to request a pickup by any vehicle.
Your soldier can also have equipment and skills, equipment will give you either a small Medic-Kit to heal your teammates (Medical Equipment), extra Ammo (Assault Equipment), a Repair Tool to repair vehicles (Engineer Equipment), Binoculars (Sniper Equipment), or a Hacker tool, that can hack enemy systems (Special Forces Equipment). Skills will be First Aid, used to help your injured teammates (but not yourself) (Medical Skill), Steady Aim, which improves your aim and reduces recoil (Sniper Skill), Silent Hunter, which kills the sound of your footsteps (Special Forces Skill) or sprinting for longer distances (Assault Skill).

2.2 Teamplay
Deadly Shot will not be a standalone game, you'll have to work with your team to achieve victory. In the future, we want to add an advanced tactics system, a tactical map for your second screen and battle commands. Another project that we are working on is a player-to-player magazine throw. When you're out of Ammo, your teammates will be able to give you 1 clip of their ammo, if they have the same type of gun as you do (Assault Rifles, SMGs, etc). Working for your team gives you Team Points. Team Points will be displayed when you're in a lobby and they can be used as a currency on specific events, which we are looking forward to have in our game.

3.Deadly Shot- War Campaign
When you think about todays shooter campaigns, there is almost everywhere the war between the United States and Russia. But we said:" Hey, the USA and Russia worked together twice against Germany, why would they fight against each other now?" And so, we started to think about a war campaign where the USA and Russia fight back to back against someone else. After long thinking, we chose Germany, Italy and North Korea to be their enemies. Also, the UK and other smaller countries (suggested by EliteHunter39) may be part of the US-RU Alliance.
Now, for the story.
Germany fell back into its days of facism and racism. Italy supports them and together, they conquer Europe, only UK and Russia are not attacked. North Korea joins the German-Italian Alliance.
A few weeks earlier an american UAV was shot down over Russia, so the US and Russia are on the brink of war, as they are attacked by the german, italian and north korean forces. The US and Russia notice, that they have to work together to defeat their enemies. UK is attacked too and they join the US-RU Alliance. The different main characters are from the US, Russia and UK. While fighting the facist enemy, you get to know the characters pretty good. Campaign will be playable either alone or co-op with up to 4 players.

4. Our Developing Team
NoXxAticxX: Main developer, works really hard on Deadly Shot. Does all of the programming, modelling etc.
ZomB33r: Storywriting, Bugfinding and Support. I do all the easy stuff, hehe.

As you can see our team is quite small. If you want to help us develope Deadly Shot, contact us.
We are sorry, but finishing Deadly Shot may take some time. We want the game to be perfect for you guys once it's released, so please be patient.
Support: deadlyshot.team@gmail.com
Youtube: Youtube.com ( Twitter (will contain more updates and stuff): @devteam_NyAzZ

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Deadly Shot Update #4


DeadlyDeadly Shot Update #4

It's been a while since the last update and we are sorry about that. We were busy with our school work and other private stuff.But the good thing is, that we managed to work on a bunch of stuff in the game.We fixed lots of bugs, glitches and other errors and also we added new stuff such as Anti Person Mines or Smoke Grenades.
We also tried to implement a dedicated server for our multiplayer mode, but we ran into some issues.Currently we do not exactly know, how we are going to implement our multiplayer mode. If you have any Idea, please send us an email.
We thought of making deadly shot a paid game, but if we open donations and get enough money to buy Unity Pro and decent Server Software/Hardware we will make Deadly Shot a Free to Play game.Also if we get enough money, we will maybe implement some in-game purchases such as camos, weapons, and character stuff. All Stuff will then be permanent and you will not lose it.This is for the persistence of the game and the server.Before we open donations for Deadly Shot, we want to know, whether you would donate or not.

Now to the new Stuff:
- added new weapons: UMP, M249, M72
- new sky shader
- added smoke grenade
- added grenade
- added ability to break/destroy objects
- added ability to knife
- added chat window
- added anti person mine
- added SnowForest map
- added kill marks
- added flash light attachment
- added warning light to C4

Tweaked/Changed Stuff:
- head bob animation changed
- player walk speed changed
- bullet trails changed
- multiplayer menu layout
- changed weapon shader
- changed some particle effects
- new M40 model
- laserpointer attachment rewritten
- changed the way attachment are working
- changed muzzle flash

And again we're sorry for the delay since the last update. Thank you for your patience and have fun watching the new screenshots.

Email: deadlyshot.team@gmail.com

WU #3: Water shader, classes and a new weapon!

WU #3: Water shader, classes and a new weapon!


In this week, we added a water shader and classes. Also we currently work on a new Weapon.

WFU #2

WFU #2


Second WFU. In this update, we have a redesigned menu and a nearly finished jet.

Deadly Shot Update #3: Introducing WFU!

Deadly Shot Update #3: Introducing WFU!


Introducing WFU. We are planning to post every Friday a "Weekly Friday Update"(WFU). This means, we post new images, a new video or other random stuff.

Deadly Shot Update #2: now with Multiplayer!

Deadly Shot Update #2: now with Multiplayer!


This new Update shows some early stage of Multiplayer.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 16)
Loner99 - - 1,398 comments

When's the release date?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ZomB33r Creator
ZomB33r - - 8 comments

Well, there is no such thing like a "release date" for this game yet. It's in a very early state of development and will not be released before we, the developers, think the game is good enough to be released. And this will take some time. Developing a game is quite hard, and the fact that we have only one main developer does not make it easier. So please, be patient :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Rift_Fuze - - 279 comments

So to sum up ALL of what you said Deadly Shot would be
Deadly shot would be a Tactical Shooter with a few BF2-4 elements.

And as for the war campaign, I find it sad that there is no mention of some of the not-so-popular countries in the story, like for instance, Australia, Poland, The Dutch and so on and so forth. It's always "U.S and Russia this!" and "U.S and Russia that!".
No offense.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ZomB33r Creator
ZomB33r - - 8 comments

You are right about the "unpopular" countries, and we want to include them into our story, although we don't know yet how we are gonna do that.
Deadly Shot will be a tactical shooter with only a few elements of Run&Gun Shooters and we give our best to make the game as realistic as possible.
Also, thank you for your suggestions!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Rift_Fuze - - 279 comments

Well for starters, you could at least make the "unpopular" countries be able to give Ground support or Air Support to any of the 2 factions.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ZomB33r Creator
ZomB33r - - 8 comments

That is actually a pretty good idea! We will try to realize it in the future :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
RaptorJesusGames - - 132 comments

Looks like a fun game, I would recommend adding something really unique to put it aside from CoD: Black Ops

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ZomB33r Creator
ZomB33r - - 8 comments

Thanks! So, we're trying not to put in our game what other games already have, I don't think we ever used something from the huge fps-series in our game. But do you mean the Multiplayer or the Zombie Mode from CoD: Black Ops?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Smasher-Games - - 94 comments

Whats The FPS You Use In This ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NoXxAticxX Creator
NoXxAticxX - - 6 comments

Sorry, i don't understand you question. If you mean game engine, then its Unity.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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