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DarKnot is a game about the extermination of monsters on the streets of a foggy city. Here you will find insidious opponents, dynamic battles and puzzles of various degrees of difficulty. It's up to you to decide in what style to play the game.

DarKnot is a gloomy world of eternal terror. You are the one who has been left alone face to face with death in its labyrinth. Challenge yourself and try to keep your mind sane meanwhile. Welcome to the third-person non-linear psychological horror game with a high level of detail and immersion.

The action takes place in a labyrinth of streets of a huge city. They feel deceptively calm while being deadly dangerous. You know almost nothing about the world and even less about yourself. You can become a part of DarKnot, resist it, or find your own way. What will you do to survive? How far will you go to save yourself?

Explore the world, experience survival at your best. You choose your own style of play and strategy for interaction with each of your opponents. You can return to DarKnot again, and your fate will be different.


- Playability: we use immersive simulation and design the lore in a way that will provide you with a new experience every time you play the game.

- Hardcore: it is not easy to survive, each death affects the plot development and the way you play through the game.

- Several styles to play: Warrior, Explorer, Survivor, Fugitive. Who of them are you?

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DarKnot | Devlog - December

Today we'll talk about the new location, bug fixes and other innovations in the world of DarKnot.


Now, the DarKnot story walkthrough begins with a new location that will help you get to know the rules of this confusing world better.

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In the new location you will fall into a nightmare, but this nightmare will be the easiest part of the DarKnot world.


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The hospital will prepare you for further tests, or break you once and for all.

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Remember the main thing - The Dream is stronger than any cardboard zombie.


The replay value in DarKnot gives you a reason to return to the game even after it's finished. Each randomness of an unexpected passage, which in turn may represent a modification of locations, will direct the player to a different entrance and set of events.



Screenshots from players

This time, the best screenshot on Steam, according to the DarKnot team, was made by Fry Gambler:


The DarKnot team has no doubt that Fry Gambler knows the psychological horror of the school and will not let the player relax. Every second you need to keep your eyes open.

In this case, all that is left of the player is the return of his enemies about how deliciously they feasted on the ears of a careless tramp.

Changes and fixes:

  • found firearms no longer disappear after waking up, now they will be located near a safe place;
  • due to numerous requests from the players, we left only the most necessary and obvious indicators of the main character;
  • fixed a bug with the courier, he no longer steals witch fingers honestly exchanged for the Champion card;
  • camera behavior has become more convenient;
  • we continue to improve the combat system – we made the hit of the reactions and dodges shorter;
  • the network location was filled with a New Year's atmosphere;
  • increased the walking speed of the game character;
  • added hints to the loading screen.

The opinion of each player is very important to us, we respond to all feedback and interesting ideas. That is why in future patches you will find even more changes to the network mode and storyline. Stay tuned =)

Winter Sale

Hurry up to get DarKnot with a 35% discount during the winter sale on Steam from December 22 to January 5.


Bought the game without a discount,
DarKnot Team

DarKnot Devlog | December

DarKnot Devlog | December


Hi everyone! We are delighted to inform you that many YouTubers have already played DarKnot, the third-person non-linear psychological survival horror...

DarKnot | Devlog - November - Part 2

DarKnot | Devlog - November - Part 2


The world of DarKnot is not a place for weaklings, here death awaits at every turn. Here is an old-school, hardcore, tooth-crushing game that challenges...

DarKnot is a game that is unlike anything and similar to everything at once

DarKnot is a game that is unlike anything and similar to everything at once


Yes, the developers of DarKnot have gone much further than banal curtsy and Easter eggs toward the legendary horror. They really fell into eclecticism...

DarKnot - Developer Journal Entry | May

DarKnot - Developer Journal Entry | May


A new Diary UI, objects, mechanics, and new ambient sounds!

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Darknot build

Darknot build


Darknot is a gloomy world of eternal terror. You are the one who has been left alone face to face with death in its labyrinth. Challenge yourself and...

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