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Do you ever dreamed of creating a cyber sports team? Or dreamed of when yourself play your favorite video game at the professional level? You will be able to experience all these feelings in our game and gain experience in manage activities. Currently the game under active development and release is planned for the 4th quarter 2015 - 1st quarter 2016. Thanks for supporting us to make this game great and please provide feedback, we would love to hear your opinion. This game is inspired by the latest The International 2015 and Football Manager in particular. Build and manage your own team Get started either as a free agent by collecting players in pubs or take over leading the already collected team and pass it to victory. You can be not only a coach but also a player to customize your own past and will choose your future in cyber world. You have to choose tactics, set trainings, signing partners, create organizations and child farm commands in the game world

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Hello dear players,

Swiftly after the last, we’re following up with our newest update. It’s been nearly half a year since we began regularly updating the game, and we hope those who have been with us from the beginning can see how the game has evolved overtime. In this update we have added another 2 sets of hero skills. We’ve also populated skills for all heroes. (just populated not implemented). We also added music and hero images (and fixed the problems with displaying heroes and player images) to the game and started to work on skills (with a new 2D artist). In addition, we added the ability to level up heroes during a fight. We’ve starting working on FPS mode, making templates for the players and teams. If you’ve found any bugs feel free to leave it in a discussion forum).



More patch notes:

  1. Added music into the game after the many reviews. The initial idea was to play your own music of choice, but we added an unobtrusive soundtrack for popular demand..
  2. Added skills for following heroes:
    1. Hedgehog.
      1. First skill reduces victim's armor, max stacks = 4.
      2. Second skill damages enemy heroes in an area.
      3. Gives hedgehog a chance to reflect damage if attacked from behind. Damage based on 2nd spell level.
      4. When hedgehog cast spells, he becomes the only targetable unit by enemy heroes.
    2. Rebel Knight.
      1. First spell gives stun and damage.
      2. Second spell gives splash attack.
      3. Third spell gives armour to all friendly heroes.
      4. Ultimate gives percentage of bonus damage.
    3. Stone Giant.
      1. First spell stuns and damages enemy.
      2. Second spell gives damage.
      3. Third spell gives a stun chance for melee attacks.
      4. Ultimate grows giant which gives him damage bonus attack speed reduction.
  3. Fixed bug with displaying player's photo on team's frame and on transfer's frame.
  4. Replaced old hero images.
  5. Fixed the problem with displaying hero images.
  6. Changed the UI on pick and ban frame.
  7. Fixed the player count for each team. Guess will be correct if each team has 6 players (5 main and 1 in reserve).
  8. dded the possibility to fire players.
  9. Fixed the problem with displaying hero images in the fight frame.
  10. Added ability to level up the hero
    1. Hero kills and assists are rewarded with experience and gold.
    2. When the hero receives required experience
      1. Level up hero by 1
      2. The ‘New Level’ button appears
    3. When you click ‘New Level’ you are given the option to level up a skill by 1
    4. Max skill level is 4
    5. The squares under the skill shows proper values
      1. Unmarked for unlearned skills
      2. Shows one gold square for each level of skill
      3. White square shown when skillpoint is available



What we plan for next month

  1. Add images for remaining heroes
  2. Add skill images for 5 heroes
  3. Add skills for 4 more heroes
  4. Fix the level up ability, meaning you can only level up ultimate on 6th, 11th and 16th level
  5. Fix the problem with resolution
  6. Need to add hero statistics panel
  7. Update tournaments
  8. Add tournament bracket and bo2/bo3 series
  9. Add contract requirements for players
  10. Add scouts and change the transfer process
  11. Add skills for 5 more heroes
  12. Add ranking system, where players will play and from where scouts will take the hot prospects for your team
  13. Add the ability to level up your hero during the fight

The next update will be near the end of July 2016.

If you’d like to share your thoughts or ask any questions about the game, please contact me here:

  1. email: cyberteammanager@gmail.com
  2. Twitter: @CyberTeamManage

Sincerely yours,

The Tambourine Team

Alpha update 19.06.2016

Alpha update 19.06.2016


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Cyber Team Manager in Steam Early Access

Cyber Team Manager in Steam Early Access


Do you ever dreamed of creating a cyber sports team? Or dreamed of when yourself play your favorite video game at the professional level? You will be...

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