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Fast paced, Action packed, original 3D Tower Defense mixed with RTS! Get ready for some crazy Cubemen action! It’s the age old struggle between Good vs Bad, Blue vs Red, Little men vs Little men. Use your own little Cubemen to defend your base from other little Cubemen that are trying to run it over. It’s the usual story, but with many very interesting twists. Play a purely defense game in various modes on a sweet selection of levels, or go into Skirmish mode and play a new type of TD game against either the computer or another human opponent. That’s right.. Two way REAL-TIME TD against the computer or a real person! There are no static towers, just little men! Spawn your little Cubemen with orders to get to a certain location to attack or defend. You can move your Cubemen around the board at any time or click on an enemy to target them. It’s TD like you’ve never seen or experienced before. Grab it now!

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Cubemen v1.30 is out


Here is the awesome change list for v1.30

- Added user level search in level gallery - You can search by level or author name
- Added bonus packages to defense games in user created levels
- Added error message + quit button for situations where user levels are busted to prevent you from playing on them
- Added ENTER to start typing in chat window and ENTER to send, no need to click in text box or click send now.
- Added auto scroll down of chat window contents to always show you the newest message
- Added Cubemen 2 icon and link to the main menu

- Re-wrote unit targeting to make it 1000% better and more predictable ( game might be harder now, sorry )
- Password field when hosting a game auto focuses now if you click the padlock
- Removed more desktop internet checks to prevent some machines from not being able to play network games

- Fixed custom theme causing level to go white is playing offline
- Fixed (hopefully) issues where players were getting "GetThreadContext" errors
- Fixed network team game kill assignments and incorrect score assignments
- Fixed network game data sync between players sometimes becoming incorrect
- Fixed mouse Scroll Wheel not working on Linux
- Fixed Hunter achievement not triggering if you already got Marksman
- Fixed a massive memory leak with user level thumbnails that could cause out of memory crash when viewing many pages in the gallery
- Fixed memory leak and issues in the end of game score calculation in defense mode

We have updated the network version as well, so you wil only be able to play network games against other people running 1.30.

Also, in case you havent looked, we have over 17,000 user levels you can play on now!

It's a pretty comprehensive update with new stuff, changes that we think any of you will enjoy.

Cubemen 2 Video Preview

Cubemen 2 Video Preview

News 4 comments

We take a look at the newly released Cubemen 2, available now on Steam!

Cubemen 1.2 Update is out!

Cubemen 1.2 Update is out!

News 2 comments

After too many months of hard work I am pleased to finally announce that Cubemen v1.1 is out. Cubemen v1.1 is a free update for existing owners and to...

The Gone Fishin' Bundle

The Gone Fishin' Bundle

News 21 comments

The Indie Royale game bundle site offers a great catch of indie games in the Gone Fishin’ Bundle: 'SOL: Exodus', 'All Zombies Must Die!', 'Cubemen...

Cubemen is a finalist in the 2012 Unity Awards

Cubemen is a finalist in the 2012 Unity Awards

News 1 comment

Cubemen has been chosen as a finalist in the Best Gameplay category of the 2012 Unity Awards!

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GothFvck - - 2 comments

I was looking through my profile and saw I commented on this. I actually totally forgot about this game but I'm glad to see over the last few months you guys ported it to Linux! Thank you. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
d10sfan - - 494 comments

would I be able to get a desura key from buying the steam version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
seonr Creator
seonr - - 102 comments

Sure, just send me your contact details via Cubementd.com :-)

Reply Good karma+3 votes
seonr Creator
seonr - - 102 comments

Linux Cubemen owners…The latest 1.26 update fixes non-english OS issues that can cause levels to fail to load. Grab your updates now!

Reply Good karma+4 votes
Korado3D - - 9 comments

Love the game. User made maps should be made into downloadable map packs, would be cool =)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
mrpizzadude - - 13 comments

I bought cubemen before the linux version was available here. I go to install it, and it says "there are no available releases for you to play". I click "Install" and it prompts me to buy the game again. Help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Rhyl3yMaster - - 330 comments

You should try to get it on Steam, Like I did.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
ssokolow - - 57 comments

That's like responding to "My Windows PC keeps crashing" with "Buy a Mac, like I did". It's not very helpful... especially since Steam for Linux is still in closed beta and this game probably isn't offered via it even if you are OK with DRM.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
mrpizzadude - - 13 comments

Update: I was able to download the standalone version from the desura website (trying to download it from the client did nothing) and it works. Yay

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
charrety - - 34 comments


Dont't work with linux ubuntu 12.04 / 32 bits... this is the error message :

Failed to launch item.

Failed to read[&#xLA;UNCHER_EXE%]:
Couldn't open the file
[&#xLA;UNCHER_EXE%]in mode 0 [9.0]

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hyeron - - 45 comments

That's just Desura not finding the executable. Have you tried setting it manually or starting the game from its installation folder?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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