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Crowns features an in-depth breeding system that produces new, hybrid species combining elements of both parents to create a visually new creature. Appearance-aside, traits are passed down through breeding so that offspring are a true mix.

Featuring a 1v1 turn-based “Stockpile” battle-system, you battle powerful monsters and travel across the dangerous Crown Island, fighting two villainous groups, meeting mysterious strangers and working to prevent the return of the ruthless, inhuman Philosopher Kings.

Monsters must be recruited through the use of contracts, establishing a reluctant relationship between man and beast.

  • 200 Monsters
  • Each with 6 genetic variations
  • 1200 Monster forms in-game
  • In-depth Breeding Mechanics
  • Online Trading/Battling/Breeding
  • A dark, twisted story
  • A pivotal choice that drastically changes the ending and post-game
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Now live on Kickstarter


Crowns has been redubbed as Monster Crown and is now live on Kickstarter!


Monster of the Week - Stallune

Monster of the Week - Stallune


Said to live on a distant beach, cut off from the rest of the island, Stallune appears under the moonlight on the still sand. Around it, a small magical...

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