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An action-roguelike set in the future on uncharted planets.

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Update on game progress about the world, abilities, skills, and all items.

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Quite a lot has been finished since the last update!

All abilities that you gain from training or implants are fully implemented now, and you gain one per level in each: strength, speed, agility, constitution, intelligence, empathy, and zeal. At the start, up to four max levels are available in each, and additional levels are unlocked by installing special implants. Abilities granted are based on the stat they come from, so constitution enables more defensive abilities, intelligence helps with avoiding or tricking enemies, empathy for preventing fights and gaining pets, etc. The abilities you choose as most important have a large impact on what is possible and how you progress.

Skills are nearly complete, and there are 15 in total, based on 5 main categories: Systems (hacking, electronics, cyberspace), Engineering (robotics, mechanics, industry), Medical (healing, curing, reviving), Scouting (security, exploration, demolition), and Science (anatomy, physics, chemistry). Just like abilities, you choose which skills are most important to you, and those will rise a bit faster and have a higher cap. Digging using the exploration skill is now fully implemented, and can be used to find crafting materials or to open up areas early or that may otherwise be impossible to reach. It will be interesting to see how players use this as well as cyberspace to progress through the game, as they allow for quite a bit of sequence breaking (but not without significant risks of course).

All weapons, grenades, explosives/traps, and nearly every other item have also been completed, with about 300 items so far, and about 60 left before all are done. All armors and armor special abilities have been completed as well, with advanced armors enabling new commands like equipping large weapons in a cannon arm rather than two hands, cloaking, and a secret armor/suit intended for veteran players that drastically alters the game flow.

Right now, the world of the main campaign is being put together. All the rooms and their backgrounds are being constructed and placed, along with possible placements for items, enemies, and bosses. Since each new game can have a randomization level applied to it at the player's choosing, it might be different each time with rooms, items, enemies, and everything else appearing (or not appearing) in completely different places. Though of course the unrandomized hand-crafted setting for the main campaign will always be available and is intended for new players and for speedrunners.

Also I should note that updates are usually posted as images, animations, or videos with accompanying text, though I don't want to spoil too much now by posting maps! Of course I'll post more pictures/videos of skills and other features as they near completion.

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