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Survival horror adventure, focused on recycling/printing objects and exploration of underwater posts, problem-solving, and puzzles.

Maximum interaction

90% Objects in game are physics interactive. Have fun!

"Recycle" = "Print" = "Pack".

Disassembling and printing the desired objects. Portable mini-inventory (the main thing is not to forget to take it with you).

Character parameters.

Hunger, thirst and fatigue won’t go away by themselves; you need to eat food and rest.

Power control.

Power supply control of posts and the base.

Repair system.

Replacing broken parts with new (printed on our 3d printers).


The year 2058. There have been found a lot of mineral resources in the Black Sea due to the record increase of water salinity and strange emissions of oxygen.
This is the place, in the Black Sea at a depth of two thousand meters, where the underwater station "Oasis" located.
the station has been recently founded by the independent company "AU" ("Atlantic Union"), this company deals with extraction, refining and shipments of mineral resources from the seabed.

The female lead Lisa, with the help of a rival corporation, goes and looks for her fiancé, who never returned from the "Oasis" station.
The story revolves around what happened there and how this could affect not only her fiancé, but the entire planet.

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I made a little update for COLD DEPTH Demo
+ Fixed PDA options UI not showing after show/hide PDA.
+ Added optimizations for textures (mipmaps, async loading).
+ Fixed medium quality in-game settings (before patch medium = very high).

COLD DEPTH Demo patch

COLD DEPTH Demo patch


We happy to release a patch for COLD DEPTH Demo Fix bugs and add new fx and optimizations

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Weak female lead. You need to use your head, not your biceps, to dispose of opponents or go through a dangerous section of the terrain. Character parameters...

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