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To better understand the story(at least some of it), I suggest you first play Coldcrest Archipelago:
The game is a sequel that is loosely based on the first game.

They came with little warning, as they dragged themselves from Hell to wreak havoc on our poor city...

Once a a bastion of the sentient power in Predia, Bleak Point's fall was an inevitable event during the Second Rising of Ushangmor (Also known as the Doomlord).
While merely a barricaded ruin in the events of Coldcrest Archipelago, this game portrays 1-2 weeks before the destruction, presenting the beauty of the biggest city, and the ultimate fate that soon faced it. This game tells the story of Draon, a ordinary citizen who was part-time adventurer, living in the city. As luck strikes, he sleeps over the invasion of Hell itself, waking to see only a smoking ruin of the city he once called home. The story-line continues as he tries to find survivors, find food and water, find new shelters, and find a way to survive in the new Hell he now has to endure daily. During this tragic and blood-stained story, Draon will encounter moments he will envy the dead, he will have to test his will to live, his ability to stare into Death's alluring eyes, and to stand united at the face of despair, and suffering.

Take the role of Draon, a survivor of the devastating attack in this multi-genre game. Try to survive as you scavenge, fight, explore and take back your city, street by street if needed.

-The possibility of choosing your powers, depending on your morality. This allows you to have your own view of Draon, and what you want him to be. From brutal savage to diplomatic suede, from a romantic to a heartless bastard, you are what you choose to be.
-Lots of mini-quests to unlock additional equipment and spells, next to a long main quest.
-A mixture of old and new approaches in RPG's.
-Original music
-A multitude of genres went into this game, particularly survival horror, traditional RPG's, new RPG's, a bit of RTS (management of your "base") and plenty more...
-Loads of custom made sprites, especially for the occasion.

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank my friends Shiningriver(who made the title screen), Simon Hertler(who made the original soundtrack), Avee, who always wanted to test my games, and last but not least, Essenceblade(who put up with my crazy ideas for almost half a year).
Thanks a lot, my friends!
Copyright ¬© 2012 MiloŇ° Macura

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You may or may have not heard about my new game that is in production. I am here to say that I have been out of the IndieDB community for a few days, and that this period of absence will continue due to the rapid work being done on the new game. I may post a picture or two, or even a short video, but that's it, folks...

Anyway, here's a picture of the work being done, and I hope I get the great support on my new game as I have got on the last one!

Kudos to all!

Almost reaching 1K views!

Almost reaching 1K views!


A personal thank you for the warm welcome I got when I came here... Thanks IndieDB!

How to survive the night

How to survive the night

Other Tutorial

Recently I have received emails of people having trouble with the endless waves of enemies at night. This tutorial should give you some hints about survival...

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Fall of Bleak Point v1.4 + RTP

Fall of Bleak Point v1.4 + RTP

Full Version

An updated version of v1.4 containing the RTP, for all who had the RGSS202E.dll problem. If you use this version YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD the RTP from...

Fall of Bleak Point v1.4

Fall of Bleak Point v1.4

Full Version 1 comment

The final, reworked version. Fixed the virus issue on v1.3; as well as some major bugs in the game.

neroham93 - - 5 comments

yeahhhhhh theres a missing file and after a certain point the game stops working.......soooo thats a thing

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Gone to 3D. May God help us all now.

Oct 26 2012

Switched tilesets :) T.co

Oct 7 2012

Gettin' back to my roots - working on the first game I ever made - Coldcrest Archipelago. TS : AToB will be worked on later :)

Sep 22 2012

New game is heavily in production :) T.co

Sep 16 2012