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The Chernobyl Liquidators
were the civil and military personnel who were conscripted to deal with consequences of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator is a realistic take on the disaster, where you will NOT fight mutants and monsters, instead work hard to contain the radiation, help the people and conspire with the government.


Enter hell on earth and partake in the clean up operation and stop the immediate and long term threats of the chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster.


The clean up was full of tough choices for the liquidators, from uprooting people from their homes to killing innocent animals. Your decisions will matter - will you blindly follow orders or disobey and listen to your heart?


Was the risk necessary? What is the long term effect of working in ground zero of a nuclear explosion? When will the area be safe? Is the government telling the truth or protecting themselves? Why? Piece by piece put together the puzzle of one of the greatest disasters and conspiracies in the history of mankind.


- Play as different liquidators and experience the chaos from their perspectives

- Use specialistic tools to carry out critical work

- Avoid radiation contamination and survive the clean up

- Make extremely difficult choices, moral and otherwise

- Explore different areas of Chernobyl and nearby Pripyat

- Learn the hard truth behind the cover up operation conspiracy

- Face the deadly threat of nuclear fallout and save the world from radiation poisoning

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Devlog #4 Repairs & Vibe



In today’s Devlog we want to share with you with some repair mechanics that you will be able to see in our upcoming game.

On 26th of April 1986 there was a catastrophic event. Nuclear power plant exploded causing devastating destruction around the site. Almost immediately Liquidators were dispatched in order to fight with fire, radiation and pollution.

As a member of this team you will face many challenges in repairing fusion boxes, making elevators working again or trying to establish radio communication. But how exactly will you be doing that? How will you achieve success in that kind of impossible work? Let’s look at the fusion box first.

Old fusebox

As we can see in the picture above, we have a really clear notion how that kind of fusion box should look. We want to make sure our graphic, style and vibe will perfectly fit in those dark times. Old cables, ceramic power plugs, dirty wall.
Repairing will be a process where the player must find power plugs, then cut off electricity and connect cables itself to the fusion box. When we will bring back electricity, then we can move to another location using the elevator!

Elevator panel

Now our elevator is working! We can go to the 14th floor. As we can see, this elevator was in use very often and probably is very old. Worn, dirty buttons pressed countless times, old panel. It seems that in the USSR they never take care if something is pretty or not - as long as it is functioning. We can say for sure that this elevator is functioning, because the button is glowing after we pressed it. But we might ask- why the14th floor? Answer is quite simple.

Military radio

We need to establish radio communication! We must find a good channel where we will be able to report what we did. Maybe we will be looking for people that stuck on the 14th floor? Maybe radiation on the roof is too high? But let’s focus on the radio station itself.
As you can see all letters are in cyrillic. This is done on puropourse in order to give an accurate vibe and spirit of the USSR. All switches can be used and if you wonder what will happen after we establish communication then we can only say that you will receive new orders and will have to move to another location and liquidate effects of this catastrophe.

How about leisure, not all the radios are for issuing and receiving orders. Some music might be in order and for this you’ll be able find everyday items like this:


Just remember to have spare batteries with you.

That’s almost all from us this week. If you’ve liked the above graphics, you can download them for free (plus a few bonus ones) in 4K movs in the link below:
CLS 2D Art download link

What do you think of this approach? Do you think that quality 2d still fits today's games (as we think that it definitely does)? Please share your thoughts in our ideas discussion thread here:
CLS forum discussion thread link

See you all next week!
Chernobyl Liquidators Team

Dev Log #3 The Atmosphere

Dev Log #3 The Atmosphere


In this newsfeed we present one of the ambient, soundtrack tracks that we've prepared. Also at the end there's a link to download the track in mp3 for...

Dev Log #2 The Inventory

Dev Log #2 The Inventory


In this dev-log we delve into the inventory system design as well as characters statistics and statuses.

Dev Log #1 The Dosimeter

Dev Log #1 The Dosimeter


In this devlog we describe our design on dosimeter operation in the game - which is absolutely one of the most crucial tools in the liquidators backpack.

The Journey beggins...

The Journey beggins...


This our very first article on the game we publish on IndieDB. We'd like to say hello to the community and present the general philosophy of our approach...

Twitcherus - - 239 comments

Good work & thanks for the chance Comrades!
Main Theme music also 10/10.
Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator Playtest:

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Guest - - 699,798 comments

hi, i love your work keep going!is there an estimated date for the release ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
LiveMotionGames Creator
LiveMotionGames - - 2 comments

We're yet to disclose. But it's next year at the earliest

Reply Good karma+1 vote
sendyoplz - - 3 comments

it's nice to see some more projects about chernobyl disaster.For sure it shoud be an immersive journey!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
LiveMotionGames Creator
LiveMotionGames - - 2 comments

Thanks! We'll be doing our best to make it so

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