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Chaos Shift is a classic arcade style gameplay in 3D. Take control of an experimental alien vessel and blast your way through hordes of relentless enemy ships, satellites, mines and asteroids. Kill as many enemies as fast as you can to boost your score and unleash the invincible "Chaos Shift".

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On Febrary 20, 2012, gaming website Joystiq featured an interview with Chaosoft Games, the creators of EvilQuest. EvilQuest is a retro-style RPG that allows the player to experience an RPG from the viewpoint of Galvis, a total bastard and arch-villain extraordinaire.

Below is an excerpt of the Joystiq interview conducted by Jessica Conditt:

What's the coolest aspect of EvilQuest?

FM: The coolest thing is probably the dialogue. You haven't seen this type of dialogue before in an RPG that looks like this and I think it's very refreshing. The game, like all of the members of this team, has a very dark sense of humor. I think if people appreciate that type of humor they're going to be very entertained by the things that Galvis says and does to the various NPCs he interacts with.

JF: While I think the dialogue is one of the standout features of EvilQuest, I have to say I've really been enjoying the gameplay. I've been playtesting the crap out of this game for the last couple of weeks and you'd think after working on it and playing it for the past year I'd be over it by now -- but no. I have found so many different ways to approach combat with enemies, so many different ways to play the game. Investing points at level-up and using accessory items to modify your stats really allows you to create your own experience with the gameplay. Also, as a die-hard Crystalis fan from way back, EvilQuest really captures the feel of that game and builds on some of the best aspects of one of the most underrated games of the 8-bit era...

Read the rest of the interview here:


Chaos Shift Review on VVG Indie Verse

Chaos Shift Review on VVG Indie Verse


A review of Chaos Shift by Vintage Video Games TV, a site that reviews and features games from the Xbox Live Indie Games community.

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