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CaRpg is a combination of the type of game action rpg / hack-n-slash like Gothic or TES: Morrowind and rougelike games like Slash'EM or Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. In randomly generated world, we begin in randomly generated city, recruit random characters and go to the randomly generated dungeons to kill randomly generated enemies :3 This is not about everything to be random but also matched to each other. There are several unique tasks (more precisely eight) whose performance is the goal in the current version. It is available multiplayer mode for up to 8 people but let so many people walking in the underworld is a little awkward because you have to scramble to kill someone so it is proposed to play for 4 people. Expect changes for the better!

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! removed support for windows xp
! cannot load saves from version 0.2.12 or older
+ first scripted quest - deliver resources
+ loading multiplayer game without exiting to menu
+ new enemies: bear, black bear
+ more location icons and names
+ dialog script improvements
+ removing dead end corridors
+ update libraries: Angelscript 2.33, Bullet 2.88, DirectXMath 3.13, FMod 1.10.11, SLikeNet 0.1.2, Visual Leak Detector 2.5.1, zlib 1.2.11
+ better handling of multiplayer when leaving location
+ keeping save image and info inside single file
+ amulets: silver, gold, ruby, diamond
+ wolf/bear pelts
+ better error reporting
- fixed rare crash when goblins/orcs eat food (often happen in tutorial) [Harorri]
- fixed using kill command on corpse prevent from looting
- fixed journal not blocking player controlls
- fixed talking/picking items thru doors at right angle
- fixed talking/picking items inside building thru walls
- fixed generating rocks in cave/mine that could block path
- fixed talking with unit exiting/entering building
- fixed clients portal memory leak
- fixed crash when revisiting locations by portal
- fixed clients invalid position on world map when loading game in locations by portal
- fixed failed connection when using LAN with password
- fixed enemy hp not affecting morale
- fixed missing magic effect for clients when despawning dead summoned unit
- fixed client start location not marked as visited
- fixed server crash when looted unit is removed
- fixed client crash when loading game where someone is using usable
- fixed client broken npcs using usables after reentering location
- fixed crash when left location in single player when player searched for servers first [Anonymous]
- fixed rare contant alcohol effect for clients after entering location [MildlyPhilosophicalHobbit]
- fixed crash at arena combat where there is no free space to spawn enemies [Anonymous]
- fixed crash when using take all items on chest with visible item details [Anonymous]
- fixed crash when loading game with visible profiler
- fixed sounds max distance
- fixed units holding food all time in hand after revisiting location
- fixed decreased performance every time outside location was reentered
- fixed memory leaks and missing terrain textures after trying to load corrupted save and then starting a new game
- fixed crash when saving game with magic bullets or some others spells
- fixed ai rushing at enemy while eating/drinking
- fixed ai spells targeting that was slightly moved to right
- fixed ai aiming of some ray spells
- fixed archers switching between bow and melee weapon too often
- fixed ai searching for already dead enemy after being hit from slow moving attack after their death
- fixed ai cleric getting stuck when trying to heal someone
- fixed ai melee attacks from archers/mages from far range when their line of sight is blocked
- fixed ai trying to get to enemy corpse when someone else alerted him and target is already dead
- fixed delay before leaving location on worldmap/entering location before showing load screen
- fixed crash when necromancer revived enemy with weapons taken [Anonymous]
- fixed tournament corrupting speech bubbles

Patch 0.2.23

Patch 0.2.23

News 1 comment

There is new version avaiable to download from website. I'm too lazy to upload it here and there so only major relases will be uploaded here.

New version 0.2.10

New version 0.2.10


New version is out! Patch from version 0.2.5 to 0.2.10 can be found on website if anyone is interested.

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New version 0.2.10

New version 0.2.10

Full Version 1 comment

Changes: * better gui (inventory, character panel, trade, minimap) * loading translation from file * many minor upgrades and bug fixes

CaRpg version 0.2.5

CaRpg version 0.2.5

Full Version

Most important changes in 0.2.5: + tournament on arena + two new quests + quick save / quick load + hardcore mode


To anyone reading this, please check their site, it is now (at the time of writing, Feb 12, 2020) on version 0.13. It's still being updated, but the creator rarely (if ever) updates this indiedb site lol.

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i love this game especially the multiplayer

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This game was alot of fun, it has a very high level of difficulty, so i had to restart several times, but each new game felt fresh. It was alot of fun to play multiplayer too. I really hope the developer continues updating the game, i think it has potential to be even better!

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Change the name of the game so people can relate to it better. carpg is not a good example. something like "Medieval Times" or something like that. i want to make videos but i know people will never find this game typing carpg.

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Entering only "carpg" on both Youtube and Google yields a wealth of results related to the game.

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Hello :) I took the chance to record my gameplay in order to justify my rating. It is rather short, because in my eyes the game was just not enjoyable so I quit way sooner than I would have liked. If you are interested, feel free to check it out! Youtube.com

On a sidenote, I am tracking this in order to receive updates and play it again when a new version comes out. Maybe it improves - and I will change my review!

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Meh, tomashu refuses to update this game's indiedb. You shall wait for a long time ahahah. Unless of course, that you visit their website.

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Tomashu Creator

I'm too lazy :) Added news today, maybe it will show after some time.

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