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Zombie Desperation is a small horror game where you shoot hordes of zombies until you die, aiming to obtain a higher rank in the online leaderboards while unlocking new scenarios and weapons. It is a port of a shooting gallery mobile game released back in 2011, improved with several of the features that this platform has to offer. Battle for your life in six scenarios, shooting and exploding zombies, picking up weapons and support items before the screen overloads with zombies. Careful, some may want to see you up close before you become their dinner.

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We have updated Zombie Desperation with hidden pickups, there are now hidden "flash drives" in every map. Shoot a certain area for the pickups to pop in. They will unlock files with data from the now deceased people of the game world, read them altogether to flesh out the story of the game, similar to the leftover notes in survival games.



  • New Achievements. Two new achievements have been added. Unlock them by collecting the flash drives.
  • Archives Menu. Read the info contained in the flash drives.
    Currently there are only 8 files, but there will be more in the future.
  • PlayerStats. Players will now be able to check out detailed data about their performance, such as kills with every weapon. Useful to keep track of the achievement counters and to see other interesting stuff. An image of the PlayerStats being displayed at the main manu can be seen below.
  • New Visible SteamStats

Thats all for this update. We hope you keep enjoying our games and as always, thank you for your support!

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Zombie Desperation 4.5

Zombie Desperation 4.5

Full Version

Latest version of Zombie Desperation, containing a new weapon system for faster action.

Zombie Desperation Halloween Update 2014

Zombie Desperation Halloween Update 2014

Full Version

The same game as we know it, but all the zombies are now wearing pumpkin heads.

LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments

Thanks for a giveaway!

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Mrmoseley - - 3 comments

Visual style's great, Halloween theme adds to the visual packet, and let me tell ya themes will keep this game alive for me at least. Toss up a Mall theme, Clothing, Grocery stores, Bed Bath and Beyond (that store is terrifying) add to the demographics that are now zombies who used shop within said theme. I'm just saying thanks for this, great work keep it fresh my eye sockets want more.

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ElectroMite - - 80 comments

Downloaded, gonna see what's up.

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