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IN A NUTSHELL: Bibz the caretaker droid, a ruined factory, some dangerous obstacles, and lots of uninvited "guests" who would be happy to see you in pieces...

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carebotz header

First of all, I would like to thank You for check my incoming game!

About the game

[The world] Handcrafted with love by sci-fi enthusiasts. A ruined factory with many secrets and unknown technologies. Sometimes exploration will be the key to survival.

[Story] This is not really a story-oriented game, but with some investigation, you may stumble upon some information about the factory, the enemies, and ofc. about Bibz. This little maintenance carebot is the protagonist of the game.

[Campaign] The story mode has got content that should take an average player 6-8 hours to play through, and it also contains many secrets, caters for multiple different playstyles, and includes a number of different paths to take, to keep the game interesting through multiple replays. You will fight against groups of different enemy types, but you have to manage your energy level and the gravity which make your journey harder than you'd think.

[Arena] The game has got an endless survival arena mode with some little maps and difficulty levels.

[Control] A gamepad is not absolutely necessary but strongly recommended ;)

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