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Cardys is a "2D Flash fantasy strategy turn-based" game. (whoa, that was long !)
It is developed by Gaweb Studio, a one man company aiming to release small and fun game.
Cardys main features are :

  • Smart mix between two gameplays :
    • The island phase uses the "Risk board game" gameplay : Move your troops from territory to territory
    • The territory phase use a classical "Chess game" gameplay : Move your troops inside the territory and destroy your opponent(s)
  • The island phase is asynchronous, meaning several players can attack the same territory during the same turn. Up to 8 players in a battle !
  • A card system display to easily understand informations
  • Customize your troops with dozens of pieces of equipments. Will you be a warrior, an archer or a mage ? Or a bit of each !
  • Level up and unlock powerful new skills
  • Three different mods. Create your own maps with the editor mod !
  • Awesome cartoonish design
  • Appealing soundtrack
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Cardys now free

News 1 comment

Hi all,

When I first released Cardys, I thought this game could bring a little freshness to the strategy games pattern with its unique way to handle turns and battles as well as its customization system. Being new in the business of games, I followed the business pattern for small games with Cardys.
However, I realized later that Cardys would be better as a free game, like many other Flash games already online. Being unable to refund customers already owning the game, they will instead receive a free key for the next Gaweb Studio game as an apology (Spooky Heroes, release around March 2014).

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you'll enjoy Desura games !

Cardys released on Desura !

Cardys released on Desura !


Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it ! More games to come soon !

Free version out for tryouts !

Free version out for tryouts !


Free version available ! Currently searching testers !

Desura Highlight Video - Nov 18 2013

Desura Highlight Video - Nov 18 2013


Check out what is new this coming week here on Desura!

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daedolon18 Creator

Hey DarixGoof !

Thanks a lot for your comments and sorry for the delay, I forgot to track the comments here lately.

As you stated, Cardys has a lot of potential and I also thought about a lot of things to include in this game.
All your ideas are really great and I also thought about some of them (like the ability to improve weapons and stuff, adding more races etc...).
However the current project is now frozen because of some problems :
- First, Cardys was my first big project and I used Flash to create it. Meaning that the code organization is not that good and it became quite difficult to update the game (each time I compile the sources, it takes at least five minutes to finish. You can guess it's quite frustrating when you want to correct some minor bugs)
- Second, I paid a designer for the game (quite a lot) because I wanted Cardys to include much much more. But due to the first point, it became harder and harder to include what I wanted. Cardys being free now, I can't invest more money in new races or any graphisms.
- Third, I started a new project which takes most of my time (https://www.indiedb.com/games/spooky-heroes). So I don't have much more time to spare on Cardys to include more content.

However, I'm using a new tool for my second game, more practical to create games than Flash. I've also started to learn basic graphics to work on my projects by myself. With all this, I think I might release in the future a new Cardys game with more contents and more possibilities (graphisms will change though, since I'm not yet capable to copy Cardys current graphics). But I will start it only after a few others of my projects are finished, so it might take some time.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for your support !

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no problem at all :) I'm not expecting these things to happen overnight so take your time. I just thought I'd give some encouragement and some good ideas to make the creative juices flowing after that Troll Molotov trashed your image and game with no good bases...

As your first big project I can say that it was a success :) everytime I play I have tons of fun! though the learning curve is a bit steep since I dont really play Tabletop games much. A genre of games I wish was more popular...

I can understand your second point... maybe spread the word about this game like... ask big name youtube gamers to try out your game, and if they agree to spotlight it then make a kickstarter fund and see if you can get some funds that way... If I had money to give I would give it to you, but I'm a college student, and most of my funds go to buying textbooks and other supplies... I can understand why some people were saying to make the game free though due to the game being limited, but only because it is still in it's infancy.. perhaps if you were to release it as an alpha or beta build and have it for free then you would have built up the fanbase then release the game as a full build after you got some funding... but since this is your first game I can understand the frustrations...

as for your third point... I might check it out :) sounds pretty nifty...

After your second game is at a stable build or is at a point where you can take a break.. why not try seeing if you can invest some time into cardys and build it up some more :) which ever one reels in more people work on that one, and then build the other one up on the side :)

Your welcome mate! it takes a whole village to raise a child. and rome wasn't built in a day :) I know you can do it!

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I've found a bug... if the enemy is just about to end their turn, and you click on of your units... the actions panel opens up, but the actions are for the enemy unit that just moved, and then the game freezes... and there is no fix... the glitch is somewhat rare though

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

after playing through more... I find that the glitch is actually easily repeatable... uhm.. I have suggestions.. please make there be a difficulty option for the computer... or maybe... have AI.. like... an Offensive AI, a Greedy AI, a Defensive AI... another suggestion is to add teams... I would throughly enjoy this game more if there were teams... like.. yeah you can make alliances with friends, but... once it is the last two standing.. to officially win the game you must either fight

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

each other, or just quit the game... I would also enjoy teaming up with the bots... uhm... maybe add in more races... Dark Elves, Trolls, Goblins... maybe even beasts like dragons, chimeras, hippogryphs... mounts? oooh! mounting a hippogryph makes the unit fly, and only ranged can hit it.. pets? like... maybe a beast tamer... or have a pet as a weapon instead... This game has so much potential! maybe have neutral camps of enemies set around the maps randomly so that your troops gain XP, and gives it more of a challenge beginning game... as for the resources mode... maybe add a way to upgrade the resources? like... buildings... farm for more gold, mine for more iron, etc. maybe even add upgrades for the HQ... like... make it more defensive for when it gets attacked... another thing... make the king stronger than typical units... I still have no clue how units regain their health after a battle... do they regain it slowly? if you add in the buildings feature... maybe add in a training center so that units on base slowly gain XP that scales with the building's lvl... also add in an infirmary so that the health goes up higher... add in items as well... HP pots or MP pots... even a way for the mages and magic casters to regain MP slowly... Ive had battles end in both sides only having mages, and neither side can do nothing but move because they have no mana left... and there is no mana pool... maybe add in jewelry? Rings, necklace, cape... special weapons/armor/jewelry? an actual Sword of Fire... so that you can have equipped in one hand a sword of fire, and in the other hand a shield... upgraded weapons/armor/jewelry? Sword +2 ... maybe add in a campaign more? how about Hero characters? Special buildings that give buffs set only in certain areas of the map? I really really want to see this game grow... add in Online multiplayer..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

oh! here's another thought... please make the Map Editor much easier to work with... as of the moment... I have to click every single spot... please add a click and hold option for mass putting down the background items... also.. the option to make your own actual board map woul be really neat...

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This game looks like it was made in flash, in 2003. What the ****, it's the simplest game on the planet, you could complete this in an hour and takes Zero thought.

Well done, you made a game that would have been ground breaking twenty years ago, but now just looks like a desparate cash grab, you god damn worthless shill.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-8 votes


I'll go one better, there are games currently available on the front page FOR FREE that are better than this game. Data Jack for one looks like the developers put in actual effort, and requires an ounce of intelligence to complete.

Congratulations for making a ****** mobile phone game, ******* kill yourself

Reply Good karma Bad karma-10 votes

People like you are the scum of humanity as a whole. If you do not like a game, or anything else for that matter, you don't need to be a complete and utter ******* to state that.
If anyone should kill themselves it should be you for being a complete and utter waste of existence.
Congratulations for making a complete and utter ******* *** of yourself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes


Way to ******* go white knight, I sure hope you like the taste of all that **** your sucking.

The game IS ******, and the developer was right to make it free to play.

Oh I forgot, we should all just blindly love every game ever made, and never critique anything. How about you stop pussy footing around for once and just tell people what your thinking.

B-But m-muh feelings.

**** off, if a game dev can't take hate mail then what the **** are they doing.

Git Gud

Reply Good karma Bad karma-6 votes

what ur doing is not being a critique. It's being a straight up ***... if you think this game is so bad and has no intelegence to it what so ever then you make a game better and ******* send me the link to it u useless peice of ****...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

oh n-noes p-please d-d-don't report me! t-that would b-be terrible!

Eat **** **********. Last I checked you don't need to be established in an industry to be able to critique it, and you don't have to play every single god damn game to be able to tell when one is a ******* awful piece of ****.

your ******** logic;
>Only people who make games can judge games
>Only people who make movies can judge movies
>Only people who write books can judge books
>Only people who murder can judge murderers
>Only people who commit genocide can judge genocidal maniacs

Pull your tongue out of my arsehole

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

I never said you had to like the game, I was merely stating that you don't need to be a complete and utter ******* to state that you don't like something. Unless you wish to have a heart attack going into a massive *** rage every time you see something that you don't like.
Mind you, I don't know why I'm replying, you've obviously proven your incomprehension of the English language, I never said you don't have a right to not like the game, I just stated that you don't need to be a complete ******* ******* in stating the fact.
There is a difference between hating a game and saying garbage like "you god damn worthless shill" and "******* kill yourself " which have nothing to do with your opinion of the game whatsoever.
Mind you, if you had an ounce of intelligence and minor comprehension of the English language, you would have figured out that I was not saying you had to like this game, just that you don't have to be the biggest ******* in the universe just to state that you don't like the game.
However, I suppose you just forgot to take your meds, or maybe you missed your shrink appointment, either way, you're still an *******.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Being this Butt Hurt


Are you ******** me? Wow, just Wow

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes
daedolon18 Creator

Hi there,
I'm sorry about that. Being new in the game industry, I was following the flow for small games and realized later it was a mistake. I decided to make Cardys a free game which as you stated, was a better match.
However you shouldn't think everybody on the web is just here to get money. I'm a gamer just like you and I'm learning about the game business little by little. I learn from my errors and adjust in any way I can.
Hope you'll still try my next game coming first quarter of 2014 !

Reply Good karma+4 votes

all i have to say is try again you had a good concept you just didnt make it work well but im sure you can do it

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