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Caliber Official Public Announcement

NSArmslab.com/NSAGames.com would like to announce a new Half-Life 2 modification, Caliber. Caliber is a revolutionary team-oriented mod based on Valve's much heralded Source engine technology. Caliber is a genre-transcending creation incorporating the best aspects of first person shooters, real time strategy and role playing games. The talent behind Caliber is a diverse group of professionals with years of experience in the gaming community/customization scene. The goal of the Caliber team is to create a high quality, visually stunning, revolutionary, and most importantly, a fun modification.


The world of Caliber takes place in the 21st century; a world inspired by anime like Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell, Black Magic M66, Orion, Akira, and films like Bladerunner, Interview with a Vampire, Blade 2 and from collections of work like Creature Core and Intron Depot. This is a world of three distinct factions that are engaged in a war of revenge, survival, and power. House Vamin, the first faction, is a high tech vampire race who relies on heavy armor and powerful weapons to destroy their enemies. Due to their superior negotiation skills, House Vamin has created treaties with the most powerful and advanced sectors of human society to aid in their quest of develop their high tech equipment. The second faction, Domus Absentis is also a vampire race, but instead of forming a pact with their hated enemies, humanity, the Absentis have consequently stuck to the shadows and developed weapons of a more... biological nature. Little is known about the final faction, a group known as "The Order." It is believed that The Order has very close ties to the Vatican; and that it hunts down all enemies of God. The Vatican has long considered vampires God's most hated earthly enemy.


  • Three individual and completely unique sides; each with their own art, sounds, models, and more
  • Character models that dynamically register damage and change reflecting that damage
  • (ex: shoulder armor, when hit with bullets will shatter and fall to the ground)

  • A ground-breaking resource system that uses the remains of fallen enemies to produce and acquire additional technology
  • The ability to see through the eyes of teammates while in combat
  • (picture in picture like on a television)

  • Three levels of technology for each team that can be researched to provide new combat equipment (weapons, armor, vehicles)
  • Player controlled Mecha/APC characters that can transport friendlies around the battle zone
  • Special abilities that allow players to teleport, transform their bodies, fly, walk on walls, cloak, and more
  • A vast array of weapons, armor, and equipment unique to each side
  • Two captains per team, each with their own ability to create weapons and armor from harvested resources
  • Objective based game play that allows for multiple routes to victory
  • (special hidden relics for each team that provide powerful abilities)


Official Caliber Website: Calibermod.com
Official Caliber IRC Channel: #CaliberMod on irc.gamesurge.net
NSArmslab Website: Nsarmslab.com
NSAGames Website: Nsagames.com

Update 3/11/07

Hey guess what? We're quite alive! And so with our first update in far tooo long, go check out our interview with Planet Half Life. In the meantime, do be sure to check out the images section for new images of the Regent and newly retextured SMG along with in-game images from our internal alpha. Expect a lot more media in the future.

Interview with Planet Half Life: Planethalflife.gamespy.com

Additional Information:

Caliber is currently still looking for talented people. If you are interested in joining this mod team, please visit our website (to check current openings), or e-mail join@calibermod.com with some samples of your prior work, what positions you are interested, and what you think you will be able to do for the team. If you have further questions, please contact thatamos@gmail.com

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Back from under the radar, we at CaliberMod thought it was time to make ourselves known again. As for our first update in 3 years on MODDB, I'd like to show 4 images, which are in fact brand new. Below we have images of the Regent, newly reskinned Vamin SMG, our Absentis lvl 1, and an in-game screenshot of one of our maps. Expect another update including an in-game video within the month.

Be sure to also check out our newly published interview with Planet Half Life. It's pretty extensive concerning gameplay elements - would be a good read for those who've forgotten us or who have just discovered us.

Be sure to check out our website or moddb profile for additional information or media!

New Website


Hey folks! As you may have noticed we have a new website design! All the thanks go to Flappie for working his butt off on the new look of the Site. A...

Caliber MOD Media Release

News 5 comments

Hi folks, Imperio here! The Caliber team has been hard at work these past few months, working to build the MOD, from coding to mapping, modelling to sound...

Caliber Update

News 1 comment

Just to keep you guys updated, here's what is currently happening around Caliber. First, we've added two new team members, DarkCypher (who will...

Caliber Media Update

News 6 comments

The Caliber Mod team is proud to present our second major media release! As usual, we have included another killer video that shows off some of the basic...

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Caliber Engine Test 2

Caliber Engine Test 2

Movie 1 comment

This video is for our second major engine test with Caliber way back in 2005. Please remember, this is NOT a gameplay preview video. Instead, just a video...

Caliber Engine Test 1

Caliber Engine Test 1


This video was taken during our first major engine test with Caliber way back in 2005. Please remember, this is NOT a gameplay preview video. Instead...

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Hyncharas - - 15 comments

We apologise for the long hiatus that has gripped our project; between issues in real-life and finding a decent, intuitive engine that suits our intentions, it took longer than we expected...

Those wanting to check out updates about our now commercial, 3rd-person, sci-fantasy episodic drama, should consult our new page on Facebook:


On behalf of our team, it's great to be back!

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Hyncharas - - 15 comments

There were rumblings last June from Thatamos to try and resurrect Caliber, but it would be for Unreal Engine 3 instead of SOURCE. Now that the premise behind Bungie Aerospace has been revealed, it's possible the project may return as a more indie-related title...

I'm going to try and reach Thatamos to discuss a revival, but people shouldn't get too excited until the next post.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
azultain1999 - - 1,445 comments

your game have something like eye divine cybermancy

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
blu.knight - - 27 comments

If Caliber ever gets started up again, give me a shout.
I have experience with the Source engine and would be willing to help with any programming.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hyncharas - - 15 comments

We still haven't yet heard anything from Gary (Al_Gorge) or the other leads, yet some of have decided it might be better to try and resurrect the project ourselves. We're hoping the interest will be enough for the leads to join us again, restoring the mod to its former, WIP glory, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Stay Tuned!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SpardaSon21 - - 382 comments

If you are going to be saying you are inspired by Appleseed, you need the Landmates! Landmates make Appleseed Appleseed. I personally would love a game type involving only Landmates and the Absentis and Order counterparts. This is assuming Vamin will have an actual Landmate, it being the most technologically advanced faction.
Landmates = Win!

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Hyncharas - - 15 comments

Unfortunately; although a lot of us wanted to carry on... the devs have grown tired of making the project. Since they also have all the concept materials, we can't produce it ourselves. We still can't even reach Gary although we know he's around.

Caliber is officially dead. It's not something most of us wanted to happen, but there's really nothing we can do about it. There was this big plan to switch to UE3 when the site was up and running, but it seems that's not going to happen anymore.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
SpardaSon21 - - 382 comments

Please don't be dead! Vampires + giant mecha = WIN!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Maggintosh - - 315 comments

wow your guys work looks so awesome. please tell us, that this mord id still in development.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nopushbutton - - 719 comments

Is this mod still alive? The site isn't there anymore...

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