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Burst Fighter is a fast paced Shoot 'Em Up / STG.
You can customize your unit to suit your style and help you to beat enemies easier.
Your main purpose is to survive from all of enemy hordes & reclaim your homeland.


Zirodian homeworld is overtaken by an advanced mechanical race called Terran New Order and helplessly retreated to nearby asteroid. Years later, they received a strange message that contain a weapon blueprint that possibly can destroy Terran New Order's tech. Years passed and they finished the weapon & their last hope, Burst Fighter.
And now, you are the Burst Fighter ace pilot!


  • Fast paced action shoot 'em up, dodge or destroy all the enemies on the screen.
  • Various stages to explore, from asteroid field, to the core of planet.
  • Large variety of parts, weapon, & color combination.
  • Challenging & intense boss battle.
  • Lots of enemy types.
  • Unlockable hidden bosses in new game + mode.
  • Intriguing artworks & backstories which worth to unlock.
  • Exotic different music/BGM on each level.
  • Relive your childhood memories, play with your friends in 2 players co-op mode.
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Burst Fighter is a shoot'em up game with unique customization ship feature fused with modern graphic and gorgeous art styles. Dodge, counter, and defeat various enemies / attack patterns. Experience more than 8 challenging and intense boss battles.

Background Story

Zirodia is once peaceful planet then suddenly invaded by hostile mechanical alien race. In desperation, Zirodian found a strange message which revealed to be a blueprint of technology that could overcome invader's forces. Follow Queen Sehra story line as she fights her way to the source of Invader Planet which is located on Earth.


  • Customizable ship wings, weapons, colors, and cores. Suit your playstyle with 36 parts for each situation and for each boss battle
  • 2 players local co-op mode
  • Arm your ship with experimental Blade (melee) weapon to add some challenges and awesomeness
  • Follow unique storyline from Queen Sehra's perspective herself
  • Infused with modern atmospheric HD graphic in 60 FPS
  • Atmospheric dark experimental music to enhance your Burst Fighter experience
  • Dodge, counter, and defeat various unique enemies / attack patterns
  • Intense 8+ boss battles
  • 3 level of difficulties: Casual, Normal, and Expert Mode.
  • Achieve High Score with the chain bonus
  • Steam leaderboards and achievements
  • Controller support

Go get it here: Store.steampowered.com

we're getting started..!!

we're getting started..!!


Hello earth, we are just passing trough game developer on this planet. Our team is composed by passionate peoples who believes that fun games can bring...

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Burst Fighter Early Alpha Demo v0.4.3

Burst Fighter Early Alpha Demo v0.4.3


NOTE: This demo version is not represent finished game. some features & system might be updated.

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Woah, look promising...

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