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Burial Stone is a Blobber/Eye of the Beholder/Legend of Grimrock like game. But in VR. Gameplay will be possible to be played almost the same on PC with a mouse and keyboard. You play as an adventurer that enters into a ruin to find a treasure he thinks is hidden there. The ruins are actually underground burial structure for ancient mysterious creatures. Entering the ruins, you will be trapped inside, only searching deeper will give you a chance to escape, and maybe even with the desired treasure. Game mechanics are tile based. Where more than one enemy creature can stand on a tile. You do "roll die" to attack in some probabilities manner. Apart from that, every action of you do take time units. The character that used the least time units, is the next to act. It's like a rogue like in a way.

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Demo and update

Golel Demo is ready and is going to be released soon.

The Demo contains the first chapter of the game, and is about 4 hours long.

The full game will be between 20 to 30 hours of gameplay, and will contain at least 4 or 5 chapters.

I am making some use of AI in TTS for NPCs and narrator. Also for some 2D assets and portraits.

What do you think of that?

Here is a demonstration of some NPCs talking.

This is the new intro narration.

Text is written by me, but again, narration using AI:

I am now using a unique model for every NPC, and they are not just clones of the player model.

This is the trader for instance:


I have also worked to add new items, new loot, and new features to the Demo.

For instance, now a character has poison resistance that can be improved with the constitution ability, or with items.

There is also a chance to resist stun.

Quality of life.

A lot of have been done to improve quality of life, fix bugs, and performance.

For instance, now the Randomize in character creation will select from a preset instead of just pure randomness. It will also assign your talents, so you can just press randomize, approve and immediately start.

Screen Randomize

Keys can now be assignable.

There is a key to look down, or to look around. So you don't have to use the mouse right click button.

Screenshot Keys

Easier navigation and controls.

Escape now close menus as expected or goes back in main menu.

There is a beginning of gamepad support as well.

Also improvement of VR support.

What's next?

I am now also working on the second chapter of the game.

Here is a glimpse of a level from the new chapter:

screen 2560x1440 2024 07 05 07 2

Please let me know what you think.

Please add to wishlist so you will be notified when the Demo is released, and later when the game is released.


Playtest keys and news

Playtest keys and news

News 2 comments

Playtest keys available. Also some update on the progress.

Dev Blog Update 2024/02/07

Dev Blog Update 2024/02/07

News 1 comment

In this dev blog I am showing some changes, updates, and gameplay video. New graphics improvement, a battle against multiple enemies and more.

Turn Based Fest! And version 1.0.8 is out!

Turn Based Fest! And version 1.0.8 is out!


Burial Stone participates in turn based fest's discount. Version 1.0.8 is out as well!

Burial Stone Demo

Burial Stone Demo


Burial Stone, the VR RPG, now has a Demo available on Steam.

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BurialStone 2022 01 18 B2. Pre Alpha Build

BurialStone 2022 01 18 B2. Pre Alpha Build


Try out this Pre Alpha build of Burial Stone. You can play with a mouse and keyboard on PC, or with a VR headset connected to the PC, such as Quest 2...

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