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Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is a web-based multiplayer strategy game set in the early 1500s, and features innovative gameplay, a player driven economy, and multiple playstyles to suit casual or committed gamers. Brunelleschi will always be free to play, and has no barriers between 'paid' content and free content. The unique 'Sovereign' and 'Minister' mechanics of the game will encourage teamwork not previously seen in this type of city-building game. Complex warfare and diplomacy mechanics will create unlimited replayability, as will the hundreds of buildings and dozens of districts.

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th12teen says

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This game is still in Beta and some features are rough, but the devs are making constant changes(every day) and are really listening to their users and adapting accordingly. Customer service is fast, and reliable. Looking forward to seeing where things will go in the future, but I'm really enjoying being in on the ground level and having a leg up on everyone.


Mihot says

Looks awesome with oculus rift.Nice project


rnicol says

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is a deep and rich experience with a lot of potential. I especially like how all the Hero classes are a crosshatch of the original 5 Lord classes. You can play either gender of any class and no settlement is complete without a diverse population of players.
Each class has a unique balance of Attributes (from might to math skills!) that really effect how you can play the game. More of a social player? Play a Noble for their high Charm, Guile and Mettle, but watch out for their low Creativity and Arithmetic. Don't forget that the attributes of the rulers influence the whole system.
But I think the best part is building, it is the Age of Architects after all. Watch as your own city expands from a single grainery to a multi-district political and industrial power house. Corner a market by being the first to complete a production chain or purchase stock inventory with Plat and take the market hostage.
Then of course there's the integrated forums. Up votes on your posts will lead to real influence in the game.


Moordak says

This game is insanely addicting. Once you get past the beginnings stages of settlement development the amount of options and control you have over your settlement is amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes city builder and political/economic simulators.


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