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Breeders is a simulation of artificial life driven by physics and simple rules. It's a sandbox for exploring emergent behaviours, tinkering with ecosystems, and exploring the stress relieving effects of tossing around large numbers of bouncing boxes. :)

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Breeders update


I just wanted to stop by and let folks know that Breeders is still alive and kickin! I've been gathering my code-fu with another Unity 3D project and I feel like I'm ready to tackle my ideas for the next incarnation of Breeders.

I've learned so much about Unity and even more about creating game-ready assets in ZBrush. I feel like I have a great shot at getting most of what I want into the sim.

So stay tuned and thanks for keepin' an eye on Breeders. Remember that there is a playable version at the website and you can also grab the source code, assets, and the entire Unity 3D project and tinker 'til you're heart's content.

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Breeders: Sandbox - Unity 3D Project Files

Breeders: Sandbox - Unity 3D Project Files

Source Code 4 comments

The full Unity 3D project for my Breeders: Sandbox sim, including all art assets and source code.

a4great - - 56 comments

Looks awesome! tracking! been looking for something like this for a while...

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MA-Simon - - 61 comments

Keep up the awesome work you are doing!
This is already incredible fun to watch :)
(I think i watched all your blog videos so far)

But please: Keept the mature "real-looking" way and donĀ“t go the comical looking way of spore.

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RunesGuy - - 31 comments


PS. The yellow mushroom thingy looks almost exactly the same as one of the plants in Spore. (I thought it was the Mustile)

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Hell_Diguner - - 3,645 comments

This is just up my alley, you'll probably hear from me often.

Found this game in the Desura newsletter, by the way.

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