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Role Playing Strategy Simulation :)

Similar Games or game mechanics from:
Diablo, Pokemon, Zelda

Current state of development:
Open beta version 1.0.3

Development started:
May 2011

Thomas Diehl (doing everything at the moment)

About the developer and the game:
Breeder Island is the game I always wanted to see, but no one ever built it, so I had to do it myself. It is my first game, I never done game development before, if you don't count a few small flash games and a quite boring google maps mashup game called trzzl.co :)

Everytime you read developer forums, everybody has this great idea which will create a brand new genre, but they don't know how to code a single line. I'm not that kind of dreamer and neither is Breeder Island. I'm a web developer, coding web pages and web applications for 4 years (with my own company DIEVOLUTION and 13 years as a hobby), so choosing a web framework as base for Breeder Island was a natural thing.

I plan to release more information about how I created the game and where I want to go with it later.

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First Multiplayer Test done


Multiplayer is always a big request from players and even if you have highscore lists and chats, people want to see each other.
Yesterday, for the first time ever on Breeder Island, I visit myself on the island :) I set up a node.js server with socket.io and edited my engine so I could broadcast user positions through the net to another instance I was running. If you think "wow, old news, every other developer can do that", you are almost right. A difference might be, that Breeder Island is a web game without flash or any other form of plugin needed to play. For web games, direct multiplayer with up to X players, it is news.

There is a Demo Video available on youtube.

I will keep you updated about my further multiplayer development. The next beta update will rewrite the animal stats system and breeding process, because it is not interesting enough yet.


This is a very interesting looking game but there is something that bothers me a little.The graphics kind of bother me, and no it's not the 2d thing. It's just the lack of texture to some parts of the environments. It seems a bit too subtle I guess. Still, cool game man.

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