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''Kleos (Greek: κλέος) is the Greek word often translated to "renown", or "glory". It is related to the word "to hear" and carries the implied meaning of "what others hear about you".

Update 05/10/2015 23.00pm

You start with noting but a small amount of cash and head full of dreams its up to you to turn those dreams into a reality. Play as any role in society as you see fit or that has a good profit margin and built your dream or steal any-other person dream.

Enforce the law or break it live on the bread line of surf the waves of the riches, We will include endless ways to earn cash and lose it also.

Thousands of items to spend you hard earned cash on ''Boats, Cars, Houses, Land, Jets, Clothing items, Food, Furniture and so many more.

We plan to have just about all building purchasable and with working interiors.

Open your store stock it and turn a profit or mismanage it and lose it all.

Buy second hand cars or new and resell them on for a profit.

Earn enough cash and build a empire open a new power plant and undercut you rival and supply power to the local town mayor.

Gamble on Boxing match's, Poker tournaments, Horse races, Stock Market. Open and run a farm and supply the citys with food, Buy a boat hit the open seas as a pirate or simple fishing boat.

Rise through the criminal ranks and and supply the world with its vices, Prostitution drugs and Weapons supply the black market take control of them all and earn big.

Walk the blue line and protect and serve the fiber of society, Rise through the Police ranks and get voted in to run a station, Arrest, Fine, Breathalyze are only a handful of tools you can call on.

Lead a political life and lie cheat your way to the top on rely on your skill and show the people that your a leader to follow.

The customization is endless and this bio is just a very basic insight into a massive world to come.

''This is very much a heavy Role Play game with rewards for those at play within Role Play, But Failure to meet this requirement will land you in a semi permanent ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ server that we call at the studio were you can enjoy the company of other players that like to kill on sight and not enjoy the game to its fullest.''

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We are seeking a general programmer to get involved and help use make this into a reality. Royalty based employment or percent based employment. If you have the spare time please in in touch

Message for more info

Or Andrewwalsh071990@hotmail.com

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