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If it wasn't already quite obvious, this game is about bottles, but in not in the usual way. It'll challenge your bottle dropping, flipping, throwing, and aiming skills through a huge variety of levels. They are all set in different enviroments and are made of phases; each phase is a challenge and you wil need to achieve at least 1/3 of them to pass to the next level. Phases can vary from just dropping the bottle on platform, to hitting an NPC with it; from fliping it on the floor, to hitting lamps to turn them on. There is also a list where to choose bottles from; each one of them has different skills and works in a different way.

The game is in a very early phase. And I thought it would be more efficient, while finishing the game in the background, to start working on the game's path to Steam. So please have patience, check out the FAQ, and enjoy the show!

Steam : Bottles: The Game

Q: How much will the game cost?

A: Nothing, it will be completely free!

Q: When will you release it?

A: Hopefully before 2017

Q: How many levels are in-game right now?

A: The first level is the only one completely finished, but the 2nd one is almost there; and I don't want to post any screenshots or videos yet :s. The mechanics are done, so wouldn't take much time to finish the rest of levels.

Q: But nobody else is doing bottle flips anymore, why making a game about that?

A: Well, I have been developing this game for some months now, and bottle flips are still popular. Plus the game isn't just about that

Q: Why choosing that name?

A: Because is a game about bottles lol

Q: Will there be any easter eggs?

A: Of course ;). And some of them are already in-game

Q: Can I play it somewhere?

A: Not right now unluckily, but soon!

Q: How many levels will there be?

A: I honestly don't know, but at least 5

Q: How many phases are per level?

A: In the first level there are 12 phases, and the rest of them will probably have a similar amount.

Q: Is it true that there's a list where I can choose bottles from?

A: Yes!! But you will have to unlock them! There are very few of them in-game but that's gonna change soon.

Q: Will there be a multiplayer?

A: Maybe, I've had some ideas but there's nothing for sure yet.

Q: How does the options menu work?

A: All the config is stored in a txt file which can be editedfrom out and in game. I designed this in case due to frames or crashed the game doesn't launch and you need to edit the config.

Q: Will there be a tutorial?

A: Yes, and it's gonna be in-game!! But haven't started working on it yet :s

Q: What platforms?

A: Windows and Mac for sure! I still need to revise some stuff before saying it will work on Linux. I even thought about releasing the game for mobile devices, who knows!

Q: In what language will the game be?

A: The game has been fully translated to Spanish as well as English. In the future maybe French, German, Italian, Greek, or even Arab! All of them made by native speakers of course.

Q: What do you gain from all these?

A: Hmm, experience maybe? I'm doing this because this is what I like :D

Q: How can I know more about you?

A: Check out my blog! I'd love that www.diegoestevez.me

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Bottles: The Game
Bottles: The Game
Bottles: The Game
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