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In this game you play as a robot who by accident ended up with a human brain powering him. Now you have to escape the facility you were created in. All the while dodging lasers, bombs, and bullets.

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Bots Dev log #1


///This game is still in development///

bots logo

Dev Log #1

"1 down more to go"

Hey everybody it's Seacat. And I come to you with a brand new Bots dev log.

I've been working hard on this game since the last article and I have BIG NEWS


I finished level 1!!!

Only ... A lot more levels to do ... Oh boy

Well anyway here's what I've been working on since the last article

1. I created a hud for story modebots 2023 06 25 1 09 44 AM

It tells you what weapon you have equipped and how many cartridges you've picked up

2. I finished level 1lev1wip over

As you know I just recently finished level 1 … Mostly. I still have to place the last 100 food pickups in the level but that can be done in an afternoon. I've got the blockout and detailing done. I'll go through some of the level later in the article but I've done some other things to the game I want to mention.

3. I've added a settings menuScreenshot 2023 06 25 1 22 31 AM

Here you can adjust settings like disabling the music, Turning off details, or switching to and from windowed mode.bots 2023 06 25 1 24 26 AM

I still have more settings I've yet to add

4. I added a temporary hub world along with some wip music

bots 2023 06 25 1 28 05 AM

5. Added a Level 1 title cardScreenshot 2023 06 25 3 55 50 PM

To go with the hub I added a title card to tell players what level they are going to. I'll make more of these for all levels. Speaking of which

6. I Decided how many levels will be in the game.

I've decided to have 4 worlds each containing 3 levels, a boss, and a bonus level.

If you do the math that comes out to 20 base levels. More If I add extra levels/side quests in there too.

7. Added a punch


Added a punch that can kill enemy's in a single hit aswell as get rid of the face blocks.

8. Implemented the asbestos flame thrower

asestoshud asbestos

Despite not being used in level 1 I added the asbestos flame thrower. It shoots asbestos that can extinguish flames aswell as enemy's lungs. I plan to add this weapon and a spas 12 to the other levels in world 1.

Anyway, moving on lets talk about

Level 1

When I wrote the last article Level 1 ended right where P_B0T is standing

bots 2023 06 25 4 13 20 PM

Since then I've built the rest of the level aswell as detailing it.

bots 2023 06 25 4 34 36 PM

bots 2023 06 25 4 33 56 PM

bots 2023 06 25 4 35 45 PM 1

I added different pickups that the player can collect

Game cartridges

gaem cart

There are 10 in a level and if the player collects all of them in a world they gain access to the worlds bonus level.



There are 300 snacks in a level that you can collect.

They are kinda like the coins in Mario games

I have something planned for if you pickup every pickup in the game but I want to keep it a secret for now.

To go with the mini bosses every first level in a world contains a boss. So for level 1 you have to fight a huge G80T

bots bossn

You have to destroy his arms before you can attack him. all the while dodging his lasers and the spawning blocks.

bots 2023 06 25 4 37 51 PM

The blocks require you to run into them to break them.

pbotren run 1

I also added the running ability. The running ability allows the player to move faster and destroy running only blocks.


Also seen in the picture is the recently added janitor.

janitor ren

He follows you around till you find a door that he can open at which point he unlocks it and runs off.

And finally I added the map

bots 2023 06 25 6 33 42 PM

It's still a work in progress though. I'm going to sketch the maps layout instead of just a screenshot of an overview. But it works for now. It's also not a super in depth map I just wanted something to tell players there's a secret or objective in that area.

That's about all I have to share for this article. I'm going to continue to work on this game and make it as good as I can. It's turning out quite good especially for a first game. I Also want to say thanks for all the support and If you want to keep up to date on this game make sure to follow me on Twitter @ sup3bro.

Thanks for reading the article. Here's some screenshots and video clips.


bots 2023 06 25 4 32 46 PM

The player has to take a detour to unlock a door

bots 2023 06 25 4 34 24 PM

The shipping area is swarming with robots.

bots 2023 06 25 4 30 20 PM

One of the cartridge's the player can collect

bots 2023 06 25 4 35 14 PM

P_B0T needs to find a key in the dark. But he's not alone

Video clips

Story mode level 1 up to first mini boss

Asbestos flame thrower demonstration

Punching and running demonstration





You play as a robot who by accident ended up with a human brain powering him. Now you have to escape the facility. All the while dodging lasers, bombs...

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Bots demo 1

Bots demo 1


This is the demo for Bots. It includes endless mode and is on a 5 minute timer.

cambreaKer - - 1,010 comments

looks interesting, i like the artstyle

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