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Each game of BOLT is played within the CPU of a computer. This
computers purpose is to run hundreds of millions of simulations every
day in an attempt to figure out the perfect way to respond to every
conceivable action in a battle scenario. Every simulation is a played
out by the players of the game.

Game Mechanics

Player Speed

The greatest benefit you can have in a battle is swiftness. BOLT uses
this to its fullest and makes it the most important of all of the game
play mechanics. When a player jumps their speed increases by a factor of
1m/s. When the player lands they have a matter of 0.2 Seconds to jump
once more otherwise the speed resets back to 8m/s. The maximum player
speed is 24m/s. When you move your mouse you will actually turn in the
air, allowing you to steer and control your movement. Speed is
interlinked with every other game mechanic.

Wall Jumping

Wall Jumping is when the player launches themselves off of a vertical
surface to quickly move around the map. You can wall jump by pressing
the jump key when you come in contact with a wall. Your velocity from
the wall is entirely dependant upon the speed at which you touched the
wall. It is also worth noting that the angle at which you bounce off of
the wall is dependant upon the angle at which you are looking when you
wall jump. You must be facing a wall to wall jump. This can be from up
to 45* angle.

The wall jump can be used a maximum of 3 times before you have to land
The wall jump can be used to keep yourself airborne for longer periods of time, etc
You can't wall jump off of players

Rocket Jumping

A rocket jump is when you use the knockback of the Rocket Launcher on
yourself to gain height. To do a rocket jump aim at a nearby surface and
fire a rocket at that surface, crouch and jump simultaneously.

You can launch other players into the air be aiming at their feet. If
you time this just before they jump you will gain the upper hand.
You can also use rocket jumps alongside a wall jump to launch yourself great distances.

Dynamic Weapons

The weapons in BOLT change in line with the players speed. This affects
all of them in great ways from the appearance of the models themselves
through to the effects of the weapons and how they perform.

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BOLT Is looking for 3D Modelers to take the BOLT Concept art and turn it into a game ready 3D Model. This position is royalty based as we can not afford to pay. Royalties will be discussed before game release.
3D Modelers are needed to take the sketches provided by Concept Artists and recreate them into 3D Models for the game. These are things such as Weapons, Characters and Miscellaneous Objects such as Health Packs.

Examples of previous works preferred.

You will be required to :-

  • Create High Poly and Low Poly Models
  • Rig and Export for the UDK
  • Animate a simple firing animation for weapons
  • Unwrap and Texture Models
  • Work with a Team

Plus's (Not Required) :-

  • Create Normal Maps
  • Custom Skel Mesh Animation Skills

If you are interested in this position then you can contact me via: digitaldoctorgames@gmail.com

BOLT Early Alpha Public Test #5 9/9/11

BOLT Early Alpha Public Test #5 9/9/11


Take part in the 5th Public Online Alpha for BOLT Friday 9th September 2011 at 20:00 GMT. More information inside.

Deux89 - - 5 comments

Wow, I really hope this one will be good! Have been waiting for a decent fps since UT2004 and quake3/quakelive. Is there going to be any strafe jumping in the game? Would like it if there was more to gaining speed than just bunny jumping (unless you want that to be rocket jumping?).

It's really rewarding to learn stuff like strafe jumping or K-style in Gunz: the duel.

Anyways, going to follow this! If you need help with testing I'm very happy to help! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CumQuaT - - 776 comments

Wow! Absolutely love the look of this game! And the lighting system you're using is exquisite!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
liqourish - - 1 comments

Looking good! You should upload moar things.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
AdiJager - - 165 comments

Warsow clone on udk? ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
digitaldoctorgames Creator
digitaldoctorgames - - 1 comments

Whilst similarities will always emerge in the Competitive Arena Style FPS Genre we aim to provide unique experiences through the adaptive weapons game play.

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