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Block Brawler is a super simple multiplayer platform brawler:
squash your opponents by jumping on them!

The more you get squashed the smaller you get. You move faster the smaller you are, but too small and you lose and become a ghost!

This game was originally designed and developed in the PhyreEngine for PS4, the concept worked very well and was well received;

Since then I have worked to recreate the game in Unity. This has been done entirely from scratch, making new models, animations, textures, fonts...

Alpha 1.1.4 adds a new map and fixes a few bugs.

Alpha 1.1.3 adds a map choice screen and overhauls the UI with new 3D elements.

Alpha 1.1.2 added new lighting to maps and a new way to choose player skins in the lobby.

Alpha 1.1.1 adds a third map and small improvements to particles.

Alpha 1.1.0 added particle effects and improved flag skins.

Alpha 1.0.2 added a second map, added nodes to the level designs to use as spawn points and screen edge limiters, this helped rid some bad hard coding.

Alpha 1.0.1 fixed the camera issues from 1.0.0, changed the UI from bars along the bottoms, to cubes in each corner.

Alpha 1.0.0 was the very first available version, very alpha.

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Block Brawler now has a 4th playable map!

And here's (briefly) how I made it.

New Map

Title: Pipes


Setting: Green hills with pipes leading down to a sort of sewer system


  • 1 Pipe down to sewers.
  • 1 Pipe up to get some height.
  • 2 Grills/Manhole covers with small holes for smaller blocks to fit through.
  • 1 mid chamber with 2 large entrances and the grills top and bottom.
  • 1 large chamber at the bottom of the map.

Spawn points: All above ground

Lighting: "Sun" above ground, some small point lights below

The Making Of

Please take note; I am a programmer, I know I might be doing this wrong...

Program: 3ds Max

Step 1: Using planes, made up of grids of many squares, cut out the free space for each layer of the map.

early design

Step 2: Using target weld I convert select boxes into slopes as needed

Step 3: Selected and apply the materials to the appropriate areas

Step 4: Extrude the faces


(I don't have screenshots from every step sadly...)

Step 5: Chamfer the edges of blocks

It's important to do the chamfer before optimizing, or the chamfered edges become uneven at the joints.

Step 6: Optimize the mesh down to the least number of vertices without losing the shape.

I use the ProOptimizer for this, getting it as low as possible before tidying up with target welds.

*These steps are done for each layer*


Step 7: Export to FBX

Program: Unity

Step 8: Import the FBX, reset the scale and rotate to face the camera, copy the required extras onto the prefab.


Step 9: Adjust the extras: Red boundary boxes moved to edges; Bot Marker moved to lowest point I want view-able; Collision boxes arranged to match the level; Spawn points moved to appropriate places.


Step 10: Adjust the light positions and colors: I'm using a yellowish green this time for the sewers.


Step 11: Create the scale model (0.055) for the level selector

boxed 1

Step 12: Link them into the game. I'm using simple arrays to hold my levels and associated assets.


Other News

  • Added the Dutch Flag to the available skins
  • Added some conditions to the movement particle spawning, so now they wont just keep spewing out blocks if you stop moving...
  • Changed the camera to a fixed angle; the look-at feature of the previous camera threw the angle off too much when very zoomed in.
Ooops... Big rookie mistake.

Ooops... Big rookie mistake.


Well... yeah... it would be good to offer the files needed to play my game if i want people to try it... I made a rookie error... Sorry...

Particles and a new Map

Particles and a new Map


A quick run down on what has changed since the last news article.

Latest Version (1.0.3A) and What Next

Latest Version (1.0.3A) and What Next


A brief run down on the current version and what I'm working on for the next.

Introduction to Block Brawler

Introduction to Block Brawler

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What is Block Brawler? How do I play? And why does a summary have to be this long?

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Block Brawler: Zone Control Update

Block Brawler: Zone Control Update


1.3.0A - Zone Control New game mode: Zone Control Try to hold the zones as long as you can and keep your opponents out!] First to fill their score bar...

Block Brawler - New mode, new mode screen

Block Brawler - New mode, new mode screen


1.2.1A introduces matches with upto 8 local players, this brings the number of modes to 3, FreeForAll 2-4 players, 2-8 players and 2-4 player team games...

Block Brawler - Teams Update

Block Brawler - Teams Update


1.2.0A introduces a new game mode - teams. From the main menu you can choose teams which works exactly like the normal play mode, but as red vs blue teams...

Block Brawler 1.1.4A : Pipes Map

Block Brawler 1.1.4A : Pipes Map


1.1.4A Brings a new map the game, Pipes! It also fixes a few bugs and makes a few changes Bugs: Some walls were incorrectly tagged as non jump-able ...

Block Brawler 1.1.3A Demo

Block Brawler 1.1.3A Demo

Demo 2 comments

Well this is embarrassing... Seems the other downloads don't work, I didn't realize that the compilation data files were needed with the exe. I thought...


8 Players! Now this is what I call a party game :o)
I need to hook up my 8 gamepads and try it out when I find the time.
Impressive progress!

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Looks fun.
I couldn't get the demos to work though. Got an error message about some missing data folder that should be next to the executable.

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Deceptious Creator

Oh wow, really?
Well thanks for commenting and bringing that up, I'll make sure to get a working version up tomorrow.

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