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Demo V0.3 Released!


This demo adds a bunch of new features:
-Improved graphics
-Difficulty settings
-Mouse control scheme + Controller support
-Many smaller additions

Download now: Gamejolt.com

x246h00--r5 - - 191 comments

really like this

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GideonB - - 26 comments

Loving the game. I want to play it now xD It looks like a hard bullethell game, which is awesome.

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VasQuarde - - 237 comments

I like this games with this kind of visual style. Its feels like SYNSO
2's graphics. All psychadelic and makes you feel like your on a acid trip
or something :P. Looking forward to future versions of this game. Good
work so far. Hope it stays free :\.

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DOLBYdigital - - 623 comments

Looks pretty sweet, I'll have to check it out.
My only complaint at first sight of the video is that it doesn't look like you ever get anything stronger than the pee shooter. Which is fine but its always nice to have things to strive for in the weapons dept ;)

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Mv.Antitribu - - 1,142 comments

i thought is gonna be another lame game, but i have to admit is cool.

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