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A 3D platforming (collect-a-thon) game akin to the 3D platforming pioneers. Featuring vibrant expansive worlds, challenging puzzles, and (of course) plenty of items to collect! To assist you in doing so, you will find transformation power-ups along the way. These will grant you both new abilities as well as increase the potency of existing ones.

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The first 5 in my series of video development blogs giving a behind-the-scenes look at how the game has been taking shape and the inner-workings that create the experience.

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While doing written blogs over at BesusProductions.com, I had tossed around the idea of creating a more free-form video development blog where I could actually demonstrate different gameplay mechanics and features that I've implemented while giving a more in-depth at the inner-working behind them. With that, my video development blog series was born. There are currently 5 videos in this series over on my YouTube channel which were created prior to creating my IndieDB page. For your convenience, I have compiled all 5 of them in to this single article.

Volume 1:

The first in my series of video development blogs giving as behind-the-scenes look at development of Besus: Journey for Vitality.

Volume 2:

Highlights include: logic behind the updated wall jump mechanics, a new power-up card and the ground slam ability that it grants, and (largest of all) the new swimming mechanics!

Volume 3:

Highlights include: updated swimming mechanics, new animations, abandoning Playmaker for good old fashioned C# scripts, progress on my first actual scene, and my failed/abandoned attempt at a "dynamic" ledge grab system.

Volume 4:

Updates focused-on in this volume include: health pickup, save/Load system (with potential for infinite save slots), falling (timed) platforms, level-specific powerup card activation buttons, dialog system, fall damage (varying amounts depending on height), differing level start points (if entering the level from a different location), and general level development progress.

Volume 5:

Highlights in this volume include: texture-based footstep sounds, improved/expanded dialog system, scene-workflow and transition changes, a new Firefighter Powerup, and a water-level control button/system.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with all of the latest videos related to Besus: Journey for Vitality!

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