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Put on your headphones, feel the beat, step into the flow and survive. Beat Slayer is all about rhythm and fighting. Pick a crazy weapon like the flamethrowing axe and turn hordes of robots into scrap metal by creating your own symphony of destruction.

Get ready for a rhythmic rampage!

Beat Slayer is a roguelike hack n’ slay game like no other. Instead of just being in the background the music takes centre stage.

Join Mia, a badass music lover and crafty tinkerer, as she battles hordes of robots in a dystopian 80s inspired Berlin. There’s only one rule:

Stay on beat.

Every move you make has to match the rhythm of the soundtrack. Fail to do so and you’ll pay the price. No button mashing, no frantic inputs. Only smooth and skillful gameplay will lead to your victory.

Think you can’t handle the groove?

Don’t worry, you’ll get stronger with upgrades and weapons that you unlock as you progress. You’ll also develop a better sense of rhythm the more you play.

Fight in the hidden corners of Berlin, a city that has been taken over by robots and corrupted by evil forces. You’ll fight your way through various locations, from underground clubs to abandoned factories, each with its own vibe, challenges and tunes.

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Check out the exciting new trailer for Beat Slayer, for the Steam Next Fest!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the updated beta-demo, featuring even more content, like new robots and even a boss fight.

In addition to the trailer, we have a few screenshots of the latest updates for our Indie DB community.

Dialoge Mia and DJ Pocke

In addition to exploring the base, there will be some new enemies and the first playable boss fight.

Boss Fight

Grab your headphones, train with Botty in the ring, upgrade Mia's fighting skills to travel further and further into the center of Berlin.

Berlin City

Thank you if you have read this far. How do you like the new beta-demo? If you have feedback or encounter bugs, you can join the specially created Discord where you can get in touch with us developers. Otherwise, feel free to follow us on Twitter(X) and Instagram, where we regularly post new updates about Beat Slayer. Or check out the community tab on Steam here. There's even a TikTok account that we're trying out right now. Feel free to check it out there.

Stay tuned!

Beat Slayer character introduction

Beat Slayer character introduction


Hey everyone, today we would like to introduce you to a few characters from the game. There's everything from our protagonist to a talking rattletrap :D

Pre Alpha-Demo out now!

Pre Alpha-Demo out now!


Some of you may have already noticed that we have quite a lot going on with Beat Slayer. From Gamescom Asia in Singapore to GDC, Nordic Game and Gamescom...

Beat Slayer @ CAGGTUS 2023

Beat Slayer @ CAGGTUS 2023


Off we went to the next exhibition.Last week we visited the CAGGTUS in Leipzig, Germany.At the first run of the fair we could show our early playable...

Beat Slayer @ GDC23

Beat Slayer @ GDC23


What a blast! Last week we've attended the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. It was an amazing experience, not only because it was our first...

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