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Bazaar is an Arcade-Adventure with a blend of retro arcade gameplay, classic adventure game atmosphere, and procedural generation to maximize replayability.

  • Classic touch ~ We hope to deliver a new experience for lovers of the classics. Fans of games like Link's Awakening, Earthbound, and Spelunky will feel right at home.
  • Items and Upgrades ~ Find and purchase an assortment of powerful and mysterious items to increase your attacks and gain new abilities.
  • Mysterious inhabitants ~ Encounter helpful and strange characters who live within the Bazaar, but watch out for certain dangerous figures!
  • Procedural generation ~ A vast amount of randomly generated elements so no two adventures are ever the same.
  • High scoring unlockables ~ Achieve high scores to unlock various game options and settings. Highest scores are recorded and awarded a rank based on the quality of your gameplay.
  • Local multiplayer ~ High intensity two player duel mode with deep competitive mechanics.
  • Palettes and shaders ~ Customizable screen effects including vintage LCD shaders and multiple color palettes.
  • Made from scratch ~ The game is built with an all-custom C# engine, 4 color pixel art at 160x144 resolution, and a chiptune soundtrack.

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playable on home computer platforms in 2015

presented by Largecomm

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BAZAAR runs on a custom game engine developed internally here at Largecomm. The engine, codenamed Pigeon, has been in development since 2012, and it has grown and changed drastically over time. The primary goal with Pigeon is to provide tools to develop our games quickly and precisely to our standards.

An important part of development for us is being able to tweak and balance game settings on the fly. Pigeon contains a feature built specifically for this purpose: the developer console. The console can be pulled up at any time while playing the game with a single keystroke, and commands can be entered into the console to tweak the game in a large variety of ways.


For example, the "scale" command instantly changes how much the graphics are scaled/stretched on the screen, the "screenshot" command creates a PNG snapshot of the game window, and the "gamespeed" command controls the game's execution speed.


We can also use it to look "under the hood" while the game is running and understand why the game may not be behaving as expected. The command to display hitboxes is a good example of this.


The console can even be used to help us balance gameplay: if the player character seems to be walking a bit too slowly, we have an easy way to experiment different walking speeds to find one that feels right.


There are lots of other cool features in Pigeon that we'd like to demonstrate in later posts. If there's something specific you'd like to hear about please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!


In other news, BAZAAR is currently climbing the charts on Steam Greenlight! We're trying to keep our momentum going from the first few days, so anything from a vote to a tweet would go a long way for us!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more development posts as well as some exciting new gameplay updates!

bazaarthegame.com / @BAZAARgame

BAZAAR - Greenlight is live!

BAZAAR - Greenlight is live!


BAZAAR: the compact adventure is now LIVE on Greenlight! A bit about who we are and what the game is, as well as some sweet, sweet GIFs for you to chew...

BAZAAR: a compact adventure - New website, Greenlight soon

BAZAAR: a compact adventure - New website, Greenlight soon


Announcing BAZAAR by Largecomm, a retro handheld-styled adventure with precise arcade combat, unique character encounters, and a depth of mysteries.

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