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Largecomm is a 3 man game development team located in Seattle, WA. Current project is BAZAAR for home computer platforms.

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Bazaar is aimed to be an authentic interpretation of a retro arcade game, presented in a nostalgic "handheld" package, but carefully designed to ensure...

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Latest posts from @bazaargame

sorry everyone, i was busy exploring some ancient ruins. time to rebuild the site

Mar 13 2017

press SELECT BUTTON to open ITEM MENU #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev T.co

Dec 5 2015

RT @BazaarGame: sneak peek for the inventory fans @BAZAARgame #gamedev T.co

Dec 2 2015

the multiplayer demo isn't forgotten! progress is being made on all fronts. demo coming soon #gamedev #indiedev T.co

Nov 25 2015

RT @LargemannLC: worked out some design issues with bazaar single player tonight. nearly final on paper now. pic unrelated #gamedev https:/…

Nov 24 2015

RT @BazaarGame: sry for slow @BazaarGame updates, we'll have more to show in the coming weeks, quick mr. onion while u wait #gamedev T.co

Nov 23 2015

RT @HomskilletLC: in the end, his greed was his undoing... #BAZAARgame #gamedev #bug T.co

Oct 17 2015

RT @ColbyAusen: Ooo can't wait to surf the net inside Bazaar T.co

Oct 10 2015

RT @HomskilletLC: now that we're Greenlit i've started integrating Bazaar with steam.. weird feeling, but exciting #gamedev #BAZAARgame T.co

Oct 9 2015

RT @LargemannLC: bazaar just got greenlit, holy shit #gamedev #indiedev T.co

Oct 8 2015