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Aylus is an open world FPS RPG that is fully explorable set on Four continents.

Aylus is a moon that orbits the planet Aeden and contains Four major continents and varying sub-continents.

How the game will start is you will be placed on the sub continent of Galos home of Port Temor, den of international export, transport, and smuggling.You will then choose which of the Four continents will be your home country and Starting Area.

E'sran is the Greed continent. *E'sran is the current continent being worked on.Biome: Desert / Grassland Architecture / Style : Islamic / Turkish-IndianMain Exports: Oils (item that greatly refuels mana), Spices, precious stones, luxury items

Description: the Seran people all have the belief that when money comes there way that all world problems will be solved and that life will be perfect. With this mindset E'sran is the country with the top-most thievery problem. The vast majority is poor but for the select few that have managed to keep fortune in the dusty wasteland all head to Dornsife, the largest walled city in E'sran. Giant totems were constructed ages ago so lost travelers of the sand can make their way to Dornsife or Sacha. Since the only wildlife seeming to be found in the vast desert are reptilian most of the populations main occupation is fishermen,while some head deep into the desert to mine for jasper stone,and others head to the east to drill for oil deposits .Although as a whole E'sran is a large continent, only 75% of it belongs to the Seran people while the south end up to the desert is conquered by the war idolizing country of Cordova.

Sohcan is the power continent.Biome: TemperateArchitecture: Medieval English / IrishMain Exports: Top-class Weaponry, Lumber, Mosses (health item base ingredient), Precious Metals, Precious Stones, Hides, Sell swords, Cultural Exports.

.Description: Sohcan is the east most country that bases its mindset that it must push itself to be the best at whatever it strives for. With this pride the sohcan people tend to make top quality weapons, armor, literature, artworks and so on. With the hardworking peoples sense of community the villages, outposts and castles are heavily fortified and well kept. Their main occupation for the most of the people would be agricultural and lumber harvesting while the most prideful join the military.Although as a whole Sohcan is a large continent, only 90% of it belongs to the Sohcan people while the south end up to Windsfield is conquered by the war idolizing country of Cordova.

Cordova is the Imperial / Legacy continent.Biome: Tropical / CragArchitecture: Roman / GreekMain Exports: Charms,Spells,Jinxes and Curses, Lumber, Precious Metals, Cultural Exports, Exotic Exports.

*We are currently working on E'sran but this screenshot was made in a hour for kickstarter to showcase that we have the abilty to get this done with time.Description: Cordova is the south most imperial country with strong devotion to the eternal emperor. Emperor Roe of Odain is a Seran immigrant that rose to power with the Oblivial Rift, a sword that grants the holder eternal natural life and power. The Cordovan main mindset is to live a life to be remembered by all and the will of their country is to unite the world into one whole Cordova. How to rise to emperor is simple, arrive to the capitol of Seversk and challenge the current Emperor to a duel to the death. Every Cordovan Citizen at the coming of age must serve in their military efforts. Cordova is also the birthplace of Sorcery which is one of the reasons their efficiency in combat is so high, and also lead to a total genocide of the elven race with the discovery of pyromancy, the only remnants of the elven people are their human worshipers in druid villages. Although Cordova bases its knowledge highly on the magical arts it is the religious capital of the world. One of the highest tourist attractions to Cordova is The Blood Red River of Seversk with is colored by microbes that flow north from the Tome Volcano.

Belanon is the Knowledge continent.Biome: Temperate / Tundra Architecture: (current Belanon) Industrial age Britain, (ancient Belanon) Japanese Main Exports: (none)

Description: Belanon is the country of knowledge and wishes to document all possible things in the pursuit of simply to know. With the high intelligence their life expectancy is high along with their greatest and worst invention, the firearm. Because of the clear advantage of being an age ahead of all the rest of the world it is a hermit country that keeps all to itself so no other country can have that kind of power, all travelers coming towards the continent are eliminated by the governments best appointed top snipers.In this seclusion and high life expectancy populations of eastern Belanon are beyond high and secret government cullings of the population are often. This lead to civil war between the steel military of the east and the rebels in the wilderness to the west.The people of Belanon are a highly atheist or agnostic people and even though they have high regards for knowledge they do not rule out that magic is an important tool to combat and have near perfection in the defensive magics.
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Aylus : Exiled Dominions is now on Steam Greenlight!

We have recently put Aylus : Exiled dominions on Steam , don't forget that you can help support us by backing us on Kickstarter or by coming to our website.

The features highlighted in our games are as follows :- Oculus Rift support
- First and third person
- Massive weapon system
- In depth armor system
- Hit box based combat
- The vigor system
- Social player interaction
- Press to talk player interaction
- Hundreds of beasts and creatures to hunt
- Difficult dungeons
- In depth quest system and side quests
- A grand open world to explore
- PVP system
- In game mail system
- Unique level up system
- Natural and artificial magics
- sea ferrying
- ocean travel
- swimming
- Interactive NPC's
- Hidden treasures
- and more

When people look at us and say what do we have to offer they just say, "well these features are cool but whats the point?" and we say you've failed to realize our point. We want to be a virtual reality game first. We've put a lot of time making sure that our Oculus Rift features work well in game and the game is fun to explore around when you are experience it it though your eyes and when you attack somebody it feels almost personal. It's true you can play the game just fine without the Oculus Rift but we wanted to change games by being one of the first to pioneer virtual reality.

Help us conquer Kickstarter so we can deliver you a virtual reality role playing game. Remember, all pledge amounts are valuable to us no matter how small.

Below is the current alpha trailer for Aylus : Exiled Dominions on YouTube.

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys next news update, and please feel free to visit the Kickstarter page and or share this with someone.

Come Support Aylus!

Come Support Aylus!


Come Support Aylus on Kickstarter so we can bring you a game with the exploration of Skyrim but the combat of a Dark Souls game.




Well we did it the Kickstarter is finally up and we are ready for your support!!!

We're bustin our asses this time to try to make this March Kickstarter release

We're bustin our asses this time to try to make this March Kickstarter release


We're bustin our asses this time to try to make this March Kickstarter release

Update 0.9

Update 0.9


Aylus : Exiled Dominions Monthly Update for February 2015.


Hi. hi! Are you looking for concept artists?

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HalfHeart Creator

Give us a private message,and we'll review what you can do

Reply Good karma+1 vote

When are you launching the kickstarter?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
HalfHeart Creator

now Kickstarter.com its up

Reply Good karma+1 vote
HalfHeart Creator

Possibly From March to July , depending if we're gonna mae a Demo r not

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Oh my God, this game looks soooooo Awesome! I will make a video on this and a written review of this when an alpha cmes out. I can't wait! :D

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