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Aversion: Sunrise is a strategy game with focus on tactical thinking and squad customization. The game combines traditional turn based strategy elements with a gridless map, grim sci-fi setting and hostile aliens.

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Aversion: Sunrise is a single player tactical turn-based strategy game with RPG elements, set in a grim science-fiction setting for PC, Mac and Linux.


  • Challenging squad based combat:
    The combat in Aversion: Sunrise is fast, brutal, and unforgiving.The surviving members of the Sunrise will have to use every weapon and ability at their disposal to fight against the alien threats - be it with flamethrowers, machine guns or psychic powers.

  • Adaptive gameplay:
    The game will let the player approach objectives in many different ways, both on the combat map and on the campaign map. Each character has access to both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon and will have to swap between these in order to counter the different threats. A tactician’s mind and careful strategic planning will be the key to victory.

  • Ability-centric gameplay:
    Aversion brings back the RPG aspect of turn based strategy games. Smart use of your abilities are key to your survival - and using abilities in synergy with each other will allow your characters to pull off awesome combos that will clear the map of any hostiles in sight. Beware however, that abilities can come with both long cooldowns and limited charges, so make sure to make the most of them.

  • Character development:
    Form a strike team by choosing four members from your crew, each with a unique set of skills and weaponry. The game will feature massive choices in how the player may choose to develop these - with each character having 243 different ways to be specced!

  • Hard choices, tough calls
    Aversion: Sunrise is not a fairytale; throughout the game the player will be tested again and again. Not everyone will live to see the Sunrise. When you are in a position where you can’t save everyone, whom do you choose? Will you save the medic or the engineer?

  • Explore a mysterious planet
    The unknown world that the TDS Sunrise has crashed on is hell made manifest. Rivers of molten lava, treacherous icy snow landscapes, dark underground caverns are some of the life threatening elements on this rock. But that’s not all...

    Aversion: Sunrise is a complex strategy game, and the aim of the gameplay is to at all times provide the player with enough information to be able to make an informed decision and enable him or her to calculate the pros and cons of each action.

    There will be a multitude of strategies the player can choose from when completing missions, and several strategies that can be applied on the campaign mode. The player will have to choose how to approach a task, depending on both their own prefered playstyle, and on what threats and environments they are up against.

    As an example, the player might choose to play with three frontline fighters and one sniper, or one frontline fighter and three snipers. Different missions will require different tactics, and mission adaptation will be critical to the player’s success.

    Combat mode

    Image from the Aversion: Sunrise

    The combat mode is based on the player taking control of a small squad of soldiers with the aim of completing the mission’s objective. The goal of a specific mission can vary, but a few examples would be to kill all enemies on the map, explore an objective, save a crewmember, defend a position, scout an area etc.

    During the player's turn, he or she is able to move the soldiers in the squad a certain distance based on that individual unit’s Action Points. To attack and use special abilities will also cost Action Points. When a unit is out of Action Points it can no longer move or perform any actions. The player’s turn ends when the player clicks the “End Turn” button (seen in the bottom right corner in the above picture). This initiates the enemy's turn.

    Campaign mode

    Image from Aversion: Sunrise, Campaign map

    The Campaign mode is the default mode for the player. Here the player will be able activate missions and decide what areas to explore. In the campaign mode the player also has access to the Base mode.

    When the player is successful in a mission he or she will be provided with rewards that can include new characters or resources that can be spent on upgrades or repairs.

    The player will win the game when he or she has completed the main quest and have finished the final story mission.

    Base mode

    Concept image from Aversion: Sunrise, Command deck

    The base mode can be accessed from the Campaign map and its goal is to allow the user to make long-term strategic decisions and develop his or her soldiers in a secure environment. New upgrades can be research in the Lab, and the player can also develop his or her base by repairing the wreckage of the TDS Sunrise. These options will become available when the player acquires the resources and prerequisites from the Campaign mode


    Four crewmembers ready for combat

    During the campaign to escape the planet the player will need to find and assemble more of the scattered Sunrise crew. These members are completely unique and up to four of these members can take part of the Strike team.

    Each member have their own weapons and abilities, and each unit can be tweaked in a multitude of ways in order to specialize them in certain combat roles. While we make no distinction in terms of character classes, some characters are (similar to most RPGs) inherently better at being supportive, tanky, or dealing more damage.

    Skilltree for soldier Atle

    As your strike team members gains experience, you can specialise them for certain tasks by strengthening different abilities depending on your playstyle and the team strategy you are going for.

    Example skill: Killing intent (100% more melee damage for the current turn)

    Example skill: Shadowstep (short range teleport)

    The Beasts

    Not everyone will survive


    The beasts of this hellish new world are fast, deadly, and see humans as prey. Forged into deadly predators by the harsh environments, they are not to be underestimated.

    The Meyrin

    The Meyrin will use a multitude of strategies against you

    The ancient space faring Meyrin does not rely solely on technology, but make use their mystical powers when engaged on the battlefield. Little is know about them, except that they make for deadly adversaries.

    The game takes place during the 27th century, during an era of war and chaos in the galaxy. The Terrene alliance of Mars, Terra and Luna have engaged in an all out conflict with the mysterious Meyrin, and ancient mystical race that have started to creep into the Solar system.

    The player takes control over the crew of the Terrene Destroyer Ship (TDS) Sunrise, a small battlecruiser in the Terran navy, after it barely escapes into hyperspace after having been engaged in combat over a contested border planet. The Sunrise’s crew, knowing that they cannot survive the entire hyperspace jump with the damage the ship has sustained, pulls out from hyperspace and appears in an unknown and previously uncharted part of the galaxy.

    The damaged ship then desperately descends towards a nearby planet and crashes onto its surface. It’s up to the player to take control of the surviving crewmembers, and with strategic play and tactical thinking survive long enough on the planet for them to repair their ship and escape.

    The game starts off just after the descent of the TDS Sunrise, and the player will have to take control of Cpt. Rosanie and the crewmembers that landed closest to her. They will have to traverse the volcanic wastes and look for the remaining escape pods as well as the crash site of the ship.

    Once the player has gathered up the nearby shipwrecked marines and found the crashed Sunrise, he or she needs to establish and secure a base within the crash site. Next they must secure the area, find resources and food, and look for spare parts in order to start repairing the broken ship.

    The Unknown World

    The volcanic wastes

    The stormy north

    • We want to create a rich combat environment with a wide variety in mission objectives and more focused on melee, special abilities, and character synergies/combos. Less focus on positioning and cover systems and more focus on tactical decisions regarding abilities and attacks.

    • We want to bring in more RPG-elements, and focus more on letting the player develop his/hers characters in several ways to allow for many different playstyles. We want the player to be able to develop winning strategies by using a combination of heroes, and not just create one “all-mighty” character.

    • We want to balance out the combat mode with an interesting campaign mode, where you have to prioritize around the resources/characters that you can acquire. The fact that you can’t have everything makes what you do get more interesting, and it also removes the need to grind for gear and XP. Instead of getting a player to MAX out everything, we want them to try to win with as little as possible.

    The project started in January 2015 and significant time and effort has been put into the game, a playable demo is available for a closed testing.

    Currently we are aiming for a Q3 2016 release.

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