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Assimilation is a 2D biological horror Rogue-Like. In Assimilation the player takes control of an unnamed scientist tasked to explore a strange area populated by mutated wild life with the mission of finding the cause of these mutations.

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Hi!! Welcome, welcome!! Leave your shoes at the door and grab a chair. Are you feeling peckish, do you fancy anything to eat... Wait a sec, my bad -- This is not my house. This is in fact an internet forum where I'm posting my first Devlog. More specifically the Devlog where I introduce myself and my game.

So anyway, Hi!! For real this time. I'm Daniel, mainly a programmer but occasionally a pixel artist. I spend most of my waking hours developing video games. Ones such as the one you find yourself reading about -- Assimilation.

Assimilation? What's That?

Bullshot 1

Assimilation is a biological/psychological horror 2D Rogue-Like. Every run you take control of an unnamed scientist, you are tasked with exploring a mysterious area and uncovering its secrets.

You will fight against various monstrous enemies as you delve deeper into this maddening abyss.

With each level, you'll have the opportunity to choose 1 upgrade that will improve your abilities and increase your chances of survival.Upgrades2

The strange area is full of tricks however, as you traverse deeper into it, the environment becomes increasingly bizarre, drawing you in. When your assimilation level rises you will need to choose 1 mutation -- negative ailments that change the way you play. Some travelers simply lose some ability, maybe become weaker, slower. But others... mutations are so drastic that they lose their sense of self, transforming into something unrecognizable.


The setting is very much inspired by Jeff Vandermeer's Annihilation. I'm going for this alienesque biological vibe. I'm also trying to incorporate abandon landscapes and environments as they seem interesting places to explore.



What I'm currently working on

Screenshot from 2023 03 29 18 42

Right now, my focus is on making the game completely playable. Most of the art is still just placeholder.

Screenshot from 2023 03 29 18 47

More specifically I'm working on the world generation:

Screenshot from 2023 03 29 18 48

Soon I will add new "biomes" for more diversity.


Hey, thanks for taking the time to read about my game. I'm currently in the beginning stages of development, but I am very excited about what's to come.

I can't promise I'll make a devlog every week -- I'm already working on other projects-- but I'll try to be somewhat consistent.

From your Dev,



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