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In the year 2814, the whole world has gone to shit. A small population survives in the post-apocalyptic world, fighting the environment, survival, and the Ragers and Skellies. Ashworld is an open-world arcade game: drive, fight, shoot, run and jump, and survive

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September is almost here, the month I have targeted for a full release version, and as the weeks pass the game is slowly improving and nearing that point. I'm pretty confident the September Steam/PC release is a go!

Right now the game is at a total of 16 story missions, with many of those missions splitting up into sub-missions. So there's a good amount of content to dig through, but due to me adding a bunch of new things to the world, I'm pretty sure I can squeeze out a few more interesting missions to increase that number to hopefully 20 story missions in the coming weeks.

I finally managed to give the, somewhat mysterious and mostly plain weird, Tinkerer a purpose and an attractive goal to seek out and visit frequently. The Tinkerer can create a bunch of strange gadgets that he trades for a few scraps and some of your supplies. One example is newly added ZZap!-Beacons:

They will zzap anything that comes near them, so you can grab them in bulk from the Tinkerer and then place them around your camp or home to create a bit of a safe spot. Another fun one is the "Worm-attractor-tm", place it anywhere, run, and wait:

So there's more and more content to help you survive the Ashworld's Ragelands. No excuses left!

I've been also tweaking and improving the post-apocalyptic-hero's best friend: the dog! He's still not completely bug-free, but with some love and care, I'm sure we'll turn him into a useful addition (besides playing fetch with your boomerang) :

My next focus will be on getting a new gadget up and running. I always wanted some more "mysterious" techy stuff in the world, it's 400 years into the future after all, so not all progress stopped in those years. So I came up with my most favorite of game-elements: portals! Once I created them I was a bit lost on what their purpose would be, but I came up with a pretty cool one, so I'll be trying to implement all that and see if it works out as great as I have it in my head!

The buildings in the game have also been through same improvements and changes. The latest addition is mutated-infections. These basically block your pathway, so they need to be "removed" before you can continue. One way is of course fire:

In case you missed it, the game is currently available on Itch.io / Orangepixel.net exclusively. It's in early-access, so things are still changing and improving every week, and I'm pushing updates weekly. The Itch.io purchases will come with a Steam-key when those are available, and the game will be on Steam in September (you can already wishlist it now!).

So if you'd like to try out the early-access version, and love to give me some feedback or idea's then PLEASE check it out here:

Introducing: ASHWORLD

Introducing: ASHWORLD


Now that I settled on a name, let me introduce Ashworld and tell you what this game is and isn't

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