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Winter is here and the snowmen have risen! Try to stop the hoard of killer snow-monsters using only snow as your weapons.

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Snowmangeddon has just been released on Android: Play.google.com

device 2017 02 12 210357

Something strange has happened during a snow storm, snowmen have come alive and are attacking people in the park. These icy abominations can only be stopped with snow that they are made from.

Armed with snowballs, ice-balls, snow grenades and snow landmines fight your way through hoards of evil snow monsters. Earn Enchanted Snow that can be used to unlock new weapons and upgrades.

device 2017 02 12 205437

Test your skills in the never ending survival modes!

Can you survive SNOWMANGEDDON?

screen 5

Coming soon on iOS!

Snowmangeddon Enters Beta

Snowmangeddon Enters Beta


Snowmangeddon is entering beta on the Windows 10 Store the week of Jan 22nd.

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Snowmangeddon has been released on #Android! Check it out: Play.google.com #indiegame #unity3d #indiedev

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Snowmangeddon now availabe for FREE on the #Windows10 store!https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/p/snowmangeddon/9p654p1jtdcn #indiegame #indiedev T.co

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Did not know that this existed. It is awesome to visual spawn areas! T.co

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Just submitted Snowmangeddon to #windows10 store for beta testing! #indiedev #unity3d T.co

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Snowmangeddon - Pre-Alpha Build: Youtu.be via @YouTube

Dec 23 2016


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