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A unique experience

Ars Fabulae is a reflection on power of creative expression, told through a mixture of video game genres. Exploring an old theatre, you will be able to enter performances, replaying events of the past seen through the eye of an artist. Unveil the story hidden in the spectacles, where no detail is incidental.

A nostalgic journey to the past

When they were young, the Actress and the Director were full of dreams and ambitions. Decades later, the Actress returns to the threatre, to once more become the performer, the audience and the muse.

The spectacles, the letters, radio interviews - they are all meaningful, but will the Actress find what she's looking for? Attend the last show of a famous artist reflecting on his defining moments and your role in his life.

Enjoy the variety in both artstyle and gameplay

With each spectacle you will explore a new, incredible scenography fully painted in VR. Each performance tells the story of different characters, with individual gameplay mechanics and a unique conclusion. Be it a robot escaping a factory or a little, conceited musketeer - every role you assume is an outlet for a specific message. Press on, as seemingly unrelated plots start to come together, creating a bigger picture.

Painterly graphics made with innovative technologies

To separate the performances from the real world and stress their artistic nature, we decided to reach for new, creative methods of graphic design. The spectacle segments of the game are painted using virtual reality technology: exchanging traditional 3D modeling for painterly strokes and splatters granted us more expressive freedom in shaping the artistic vision of the Director.

In Ars Fabulae you will experience:

  • A rich, engaging story about the relationship of two artists who developed a theatre in a British countryside.
  • Multiple chapters with different gameplay mechanics, telling individual stories tied to the main plot.
  • A unique art style created with VR painting technology.
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Ars Fabulae received a special recognition award during Indie Celebration showcase organized on Steam by Digital Dragons. It was a huge surprise for the entire team - we didn't expect such an honour! :) We didn't apply to the showcase aiming to win anything; we just wanted to put our work out there. We're amazed, especially because we competed with some mindblowingly good titles (such as Gamedec or Ghostrunner). Congratulatons to other teams for winning bigger awards!

Screen from our game - the real part

This demo was really important for us. It's the first time we have shown Ars Fabulae online and not at a stationary conference. We've worked really hard to polish the beginning of our game featured in the demo.

The best thing about it, is that we've seen some gameplay videos that gave us some extremely valuable feedback - it appears that the most players feel exactly like we wanted them to feel in those particual segments of the game. They seemed to appraciate the performances we've prepared and empathise with characters in them; they enjoyed the story and audiovisual part of the game.

Solitude - our first play in the game

It all made us sooo happy! Being pretty exhausted after recent work overload we needed such a huge motivation boost. I'm just realizing how important it is to have your work be shown to people. You can't isolate yourself and just work on things. Not for a long time.

Symmetry - second spectacle in the game, where you play as one of two robots

Now - please, click that link below, give our demo a chance. It's available on Steam until the end of the week. If you like it, add to your wishlist. If you don't - let us know what can we do to improve it. We want to deliver the best experience possible and we need to gather feedback helping us tweaking the game.

Ars Fabulae

Thank you so much for giving us a piece of your time! It means the world to us!

Punk Notion

Dive into creative world of magic spectacles

Dive into creative world of magic spectacles


Ars Fabulae is a reflection on power of creative expression, told through a mixture of video game genres. Exploring an old theatre, you will be able to...

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