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Arrow Dynamic is a 2D platformer-roguelite in which you take control of a young adventurer who's found himself imprisoned in a tower of monsters! With only your bow and the mysterious power to slow down time, fight your way through the different acts of the theatre, entertaining your captors until the bitter end!


- Randomized Room Patterns: You never know what comes next!

- Over 6 different acts: Six different acts that will spice up the gameplay with new settings and obstacles

- Choose your own order: After every room you get the choice between two signs which will determine what your next room is going to be!

- Too many items to count: In the full version we are planning to have more then 150 different items, passive and active!

- Unlockables: While you already start with a plethora of items, there will be even more stuff to unlock!

- Get Fashionable: Unlock hats by defeating strong enemies and be the theatre's number one fashion icon!

- Fully Customizable Controls: Tailor your controls to YOU! Supports keyboard, mouse and gamepads!

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Hello Everyone, our game Arrow Dynamic is currently on greenlight and needs your help!

You might ask yourself what kind of game Arrow Dynamic is? Well I'm here to answer that question!

Arrow Dynamic is a 2D platformer roguelite, in which you take control over multiple characters as they shoot their way through gladiatorial battles in a theatre of strange one eyed creatures, by using their bows, arrows, dash and their abbility to slow down time.

But this game has a twist that makes it stand out, you decide where to go!

While the game is mostly randomized, after each room you get the choice between two different signs which will affect the room that you are entering next. This way you have to think about if it would be clever to for example visit a second shop or open a treasure chest in a chest room.

On the greenlight page you will find a link to a demo, in which you can try out the controls and get a taste of what to expect. Please keep in mind, the demo is just a taste of what is to come and doesnt reflect the current build but is instead something special.

Link to the Steam greenlight campaign: Steamcommunity.com

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