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Arcade Destroyer is a game where you have to end the life of those old arcade games in different ways , for example eat pacman's ghosts or just shoot PacMan. I will lengthen the description as I will improve the game , so please be patient. I'm doing the game alone, so you have to understand that I will be showing progress slowly.

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_Added an imposible level of "PacMan" (666)

_Added backgroud music.


PacMan level has a bug that makes all the things very fast (but makes the level funny )

Texture bugs ( textures don't load ).

Some scripts don't work correctly .


I will fix all the bugs and I will add some Ghosts in PacMan destroyer level.

I will add a "space invaders" level.

Thanks for your time .

Arcade Destroyer Alpha v1 News

Arcade Destroyer Alpha v1 News


Added main menu and a preview level (PacMan). Added pause menu. Added music and sound effects. More news coming soon , please be patient.

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Arcade Destroyer Alpha v2

Arcade Destroyer Alpha v2


Just an update that fix some bugs and add one more level to the game. Controls: Pause the game: ESC Move the camera:Left/right arrow Move the player:W/A/S/D...

Arcade Destroyer Alpha v1

Arcade Destroyer Alpha v1


Controls: Pause the game: ESC Move the camera:Left/right arrow Move the player:W/A/S/D Shot:space Choose option:Left Click

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