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◻️Text Adventure Game REIMAGINED
◻️ 200+ locations
◻️ 8 endings
◻️ Tons of secrets
◻️ NON-linear progression
◻️ Spiritual child of H.R. Giger, Lovecraft and Zdzisław Beksiński
◻️ Ridiculously rich lore and game world.


『Explore. Solve. Run. Hide. Fight. Die. Rise.

Antumbra - Vile Shards is a loss sequel to 2015's viral hit Antumbra.

『The player walks the land of Sorma'ksul in the shoes of Icon of Rust - an undying entity, forever cursed to be vessel of extradimensional consciousnesses.

『Story takes place right after previous game end - saving Eskalion, who then vanishes from his own universe, leaving the Land of Rust and Moss in hands of Vile.

『The main goal is to survive and maybe escape. Saving the world is probably out of your reach. Then again, who said this world want to be saved...?

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Six years later...


Welp six years came and went huh?

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