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Antrum is a procedural generated dungeon where you have to collect as many relics as possible and sell them, but there is a catch, in your path you will encounter creatures that will try to defend those relics, but some of them have not seen a human in a long time, so they may treat you in an unexpected way.

Key Features:

  • Two-way health mechanics - Be careful with your life bar, too much health can kill you too.
  • Permadeath - Once you die, you lose all you had and you start over with a new character and a new world.
  • Explore - Explore a fully procedural world designed to feel unique and fun every time you play.
  • Trade - Sell the relics you find and buy items that will help you in your adventure.
  • Power-ups - Get the upper hand in combat by buying powerful items from merchants.
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Hello IndieDB! We are grateful to be here sharing Antrum, our brand new game with you.

Antrum is a procedurally generated 2D plataformer where you play as a child and your mission is to recover your town relic wich has been stolen by some pesky monsters. But as you go deeper into the cave you start to realize that some of them are, trying to kiss you? What?! It seems like they have been so lonely that now they want to give you their love, but be careful! As too much damage or too much love will kill you and you will have to start all over again!

Antrum is set to release the 14th of February, in the mean time you can join us on our social media:
Twitter: twitter.com/blanknamegames
Instagram: instagram.com/blanknamegames
Facebook: facebook.com/blanknamegamesofficial
Discord: blanknamegames.com/discord

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