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Follow the journey of a young restorer through four chapters and many job assignments. Start in a windy, industrial, one-room apartment and advance to more comfortable homes while repairing beautiful, real-life antique artifacts.


    • three main types of gameplay with unique twists:
      • find the place for each shard to repair broken artifacts
      • figure out the correct place for each piece while the vases/plates are broken down into similar-shaped, interchangeable shards
      • observe the remains of a statue and place the shards in their places to make it whole again

  • meditative gameplay with configurable difficulty levels to make things challenging but never frustrating
  • discover the thoughts and story of the restorer in their diary - along with historical facts about the repaired artifacts
  • four chapters in four different homes: professional recognition comes with more money and better living conditions as well
  • 40 levels with three difficulty settings. These are not 5-minute levels. Expect a good amount of playing time
  • optional hints to help when you get stuck - the goal is to have fun after all
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Antique Restorer demo update


We had a good conversation on the Steam discussion forum of the game, and the result of that conversation is a new feature set added to the Antique Restorer demo. The new features are:

- Piece Drawer: Store important pieces in the drawer for easy access
- Hot-swapping pieces in Sliced vase levels
- Sliced vase level has been slightly adjusted to be easier
- Loading screen now includes animation and a progress bar
- Updated and new tutorials
- Added a new window that explains game controls
- Bug fixes


Piece Drawer in action

antique restorer demo update 3

antique restorer demo update 2

Antique Restorer Demo is released

Antique Restorer Demo is released


Exciting news: the Antique Restorer Demo has been released and the game will be featured in the upcoming Steam Puzzle Fest! If you're a fan of puzzle...

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