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Desc v2. Welcome to Ant-Simulator (UE4) Let me start by saying Ant-Simulator is my first game I'm publishing on Gamejolt; and I'm open to criticism. Ant-Simulator is a project I started because I saw that awhile back Eteeski's "Ant Simulator" was cancelled due to business complications. I don't expect my version of Ant-Simulator to be anywhere nearly as breath-taking as Eteeski's might have been, neither should you. I've been working with Unreal Engine 4 for quite a while now so I decided it was time to do something with it. Anyways lets get to the game. What's the point of Ant-Simulator? -Isn't it obvious? It's an Ant-Simulator! It depends on what caste of ant you pick. For starters the Minor Worker is the first the player is able to choose from, her objective is to collect as many leaves as possible for her queen so they can make fungus from them. Yes, this is based off of the Leaf-Cutter ant.

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Hey Guys! Aglowglint11 here, I've just created an IndieDB page for Ant-Simulator UE4. Keep in mind this page is mostly to attract as many people as possible, while the main development is posted on gamejolt.com. Here's the link: Gamejolt.com

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Ant-Simulator (UE4) Demonstration Build

Ant-Simulator (UE4) Demonstration Build


Ant-Simulator (UE4)'s Demonstration Build to showcase the some beginning features of the game. There are a lot of features that are currently unavailable...

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