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Background Story:

After one thousand years humanity destroyed itself during a long and devastating war. Most of the animals disappeared from the Earth as well and the blue planet turned into a huge desert.

But the war isn’t over yet. Many kingdoms of three races are still fighting for the lands. Yes… Although everything is gone the three most popular pets of humanity (or at least their mutant descendants) are still here and they are trying to get their dead masters glory.

Cats are well known for their brutality and fearsome armies. They find killing to be a great pleasure andin fact they played a large part in destroying the animal world on the planet.

Dogs are the best in territorial defense… They are the last representatives of justice and law, the protectors of the „sacred bones” (yes, human bones).

And rats… What should I tell you about them? Well, they eat anything, and there are more and more of them around.

These genetically modified creatures can barely be compared with those you may have seen in your lives. These are intelligent, „human like” and are even capable of using their old masters technology… or at least most of it. Peace is rare here due many factors (and that they can’t control their reproduction,only send animals to die into wars…)

Planned Features:

  • The first real online grand strategy game.
  • Massively multiplayer online with up to 1000 players on the same constant map. Unlike in other online strategy games, you are able to see the whole world on a minimap, and you build a real kingdom with borders, not cities. Love to watch your empire growing on a map? That’s your game!
  • Three races (cats, dogs, rats) with different strategies.
  • Unique diplomacy system. Breaking a pact is punished so players won’t use them flippantly. The game doesn’t allow ingame chat and it tries to reduce the importance of clans. Alliances are allowed,but they are only locally useful.
  • The game design tries to reduce advantage of players who start the game earlier. Games are generally short and intense, you won’t play the same game for too long. (Estimated gameplay is around 2-5 hours at the moment)
  • Customisable, commendable ruler and officers. Unique profile graphics.
  • During the game you can terraform your lands to produce different resources, and with your officers you can collect secret artifacts.
  • Scorelists! The world of the game never ends, your competition is to build the biggest, mightiest kingdom, and keep it as long as you can.
  • No pay to win!
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Project reboot


Hello everybody!

Well the summary tells everything important. I'm just not able to leave this project under the ground. I must continue it... I really love the idea, that was me dream game!

Of course without the multiplayer option this will be a totally different experience but later on maybe I will be able to reuse my network codes (they are working). Then, what would be otherwise now? Well I will stop using MonoGame... Jep, without the multiplaer parts I can choose a game engine to work with what makes the dev. process much faster.

That's all folks! I will be back! Oh and check out my homepage!
Progorion Homepage

Development paused.

Development paused.


I made the same mistake as the majority of MMO dreamers...

Dev. update

Dev. update


What do I have at the moment. The development started around 2 years ago, although I had months long pauses.

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