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Brand new cinematic turn based strategy!

Fair Weather Studios is very happy to announce Ancient Frontier, our latest project. Ancient Frontier is a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements set in the far future. Players will explore, conquer, pillage, or liberate the frontiers of space.

The universe is built off of the story established in our first project, Bladestar, but takes it much deeper with warring factions, double crossing corporations, privateers, and galactic governments. Take control of massive fleets of capital ships and support craft and navigate the rich multi-faceted story of Ancient Frontier- the future of war.

Key Features

  • Two full fledged campaigns
  • Dynamic initiative based turn based combat
  • Over 35 unique ships to command
  • Customize your play style by unlocking technologies in an extensive Tech Tree
  • Two major factions and three sub-factions
  • Large, detailed space maps to fight across
  • Three different resources to manage
  • Dozens of different weapon systems and abilities to control.

Will you defend the frontier?

Check out our first released game Bladestar here:

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QuestsEvents Promo2

Fair Weather Studios is happy to announce that our second free DLC, Quests and Events, is out now for Ancient Frontier.

We continue to be thrilled by the response from our community to the release of the game. This second DLC is being provided free, just like the first one, as a way to say thank you to our fans. We think that both DLCs combined greatly increase the depth of experience of the game.

Quests & Events DLC adds two new features to the game. Quests are contracts that can be completed as you play through the game. Random Events will occur throughout a campaign, and the result will depend on the choices you make.

And, if you haven't checked out Ancient Frontier in a while, be sure to also look over our first free DLC, Ancient Frontier - The Crew.

TheCrew Promo Released

Ancient Frontier - The Crew DLC adds brave men and women from all walks of Frontier life that are ready to serve you, Commander. Crew members gain experience and offer a variety of bonuses to the ships they pilot. This greatly adds to the number of strategies a player can choose for how to build their fleet.

You can find Ancient Frontier available on Steam:


Join us with the Ancient Frontier Kickstarter!

Join us with the Ancient Frontier Kickstarter!


The Ancient Frontier Kickstarter is now live. Read on to find out more about the game and why we chose to go the Kickstarter path.

Ancient Frontier is now on Steam Greenlight!

Ancient Frontier is now on Steam Greenlight!

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Ancient Frontier, a new cinematic turn based strategy RPG is now on Steam Greenlight. Vote now to be able to play this game. Thank you!

baszermaszer - - 444 comments

Amazing trailer and glimpse of gameplay. That ship animates like a creature in a fantasy RPG. I only could pick the font needs an large size checkbox in game options.

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