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Alchemist Adventure is a top-down Action-Adventure game based on Alchemy that allows players to customize their own potion formulas, creating bombs, tonics and sword oils. Thus, it’s possible to solve challenging puzzles, defeat fearsome enemies and even manipulate the environment, to explore and discover the secrets of a vibrant fantasy world, home of science, homunculi and chimeras.

Try many recipes. How about an ice potion that burns enemies? Use the potions in many ways, such as throwing a lava bomb to evaporate the water from a lake and explore its bottom. Alchemist Adventure also has RPG elements, such as crafting, skills and quests.


Alchemist Adventure takes place in a land that once was the cradle of Alchemy, but now it’s in ruins. Test subjects from decades of experiments have escaped and made the region their lair. Mya is a young woman who wakes up in a field, confused and with no memories, but some alchemy knowledge. She starts the journey to survive and recover her identity, helped by a mysterious homunculus. Together, they will explore the land of Isur, abandoned home of brilliant alchemists, facing mortal danger in an adventure that will test their friendship and self-knowledge.


ponteiro Make your own potions:

Combine Air and Fire to create Lightning or change flasks to transform an explosion into a barrier. Many effects to customize!;

ponteiro Deeply interactive environment:

Burn! Freeze! Electrify! Through alchemy, you can transform the surroundings and solve puzzles. Raise the water level of a lake! Use the wind to move objects!;

ponteiro Crafting and Customization:

Choose the kind of Alchemist you want to be through the skill system and improve stats by crafting new pieces of armor!;

ponteiro Challenging RPG combat:

Don’t just fight hard, think hard! Use the elements to discover enemy weaknesses and resistance;

ponteiro Vibrant fantasy world:

Explore many different regions, such as a homunculi factory in a volcano and meet new creatures!



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Good news everyone the second major update to our early access is here!

Before we begin, we’d like to thank everyone who’s been playing our game and providing us with feedback. Thanks to you we have had a great insight into what you like, don’t like, find interesting, and so on. All of this has allowed us to focus on fixing the important bugs and working on features that we are sure you will enjoy!

So, without further ado, let’s dive into what this update brings you!

New Content - Enemies

To make things more interesting, we’ve added three new enemies and one new boss.

You can see the three new enemies in the video below. We have intentionally left out the new boss as we don’t want to spoil everything from the get-go!

The details for all four upcoming enemies are:

  • New enemy: Flamefly - a giant butterfly that has wings of fire and spits lava.
  • New enemy: Alligator – a quick and dangerous humanoid alligator. Expect it to attack with everything at its disposal: biting with its powerful teeth, slashing with its razor-sharp claws, punching with its pure muscle power, lashing out with its tail, and even spitting a dangerous substance from its mouth.
  • New enemy: Armorsaur – a dinosaur-like homunculus that has thick armor. In previous wars, it was used as a living tank, which should give you an idea of what it will be like when you encounter it.

  • The new boss: Crystalis – a homunculus dragon with crystal claws and a unique ability to use multiple elements. Beware, for this is one of the most dangerous enemies that you will encounter.

New Regions

Adding in new enemies is always good, but what’s better is adding in new regions - and we’ve done just that!

Three new regions have been added to Alchemist Adventure:


Pepe returns in the plains with a new quest, and of course there are many interesting places to visit and puzzles to solve!


An acidic lake, lava flows, and geysers. To some that may sound beautiful, but to most it will sound dangerous, and dangerous it is! This new challenging region even comes with its own Bell that you should really really not hit. What happens if you do? You’ll have to find out.

The Homunculi Factory

In the past, this region was home to the factory that produced the Homunculi. Now, though it retains some of its old uses, the area has changed. New challenges and elemental puzzles await you!

Isur region mapBL

Here’s an updated map of the region for those of you that are following the game!

Alchemy Updates

And finally, we come to the updates to our alchemy system, introducing two new elements and an all-new flask!

The Elements and their symbols

Element - Water

Water is a new element used for potions, with it comes the huge amount of new combinations, but also interactions with other elements. Check out the image above to see what you can do with water.

Element - Earth

The second new element is Earth. Just like water, you can use it to create new types of potions, and also combine it with other elements to create something completely new. For example, mix fire and earth together to get lava!

New Flask

A new type of flask has been added to the game, which means that you will get a new type of potion/bomb effect to go with it! The name of the new effect is called The Barrier.

With a name like that, it should be quite easy to imagine how these new potions will work, right?

With that, we come to the end of this update announcement. Thank you to everyone who has been playing Alchemist Adventure so far and welcome to everyone who is joining us now!

If you’d like to know more about Alchemist Adventure you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you have any questions for us please do ask us here, or join our Discord server and ping us there!!

Alchemist Adventure launches Early Access

Alchemist Adventure launches Early Access


Alchemist Adventure is an action-adventure game with RPG elements. The player takes on the role of Mya, the last of the alchemists who recently woke up...


I like the design of the protagonist!

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Looks really awesome and fun! You can do a lot with the concept of alchemy.

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