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English/Korean/Chinese language patch is now out!! Check out ver1.02 (Title Update) with your PSVita

Airship Q is a 2D action RPG featuring sandbox elements, where players solve mysteries by controlling an airship in the open sky as a character who has been transformed into a cat.

[Environmental Simulator creates a world which follows natural laws]
Rain falls, water flows, plants grow, and land changes … While everything is rapidly changing, the character quickly runs, jumps, controls an airship, digs, builds, fights, and dies. All actions the character takes will create a unique world you could never have imagined.


Airship Q [Japanese ver] has been released in Japan/Asia for PSVita in 2015.
- Physical package : 2,500yen(incl.Tax)
- Download : 2,000yen(incl.Tax)

Airship Q HP - English

Airship Q HP - Japanese

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[PS Vita] English/Korean/Chinese patch is now out!

*Ver1.02 - Title Update*

Airship Q has been released on PS Vita in Japan/Asia, and English/Korean/Chinese patch is now out!
You can get ver1.02 by Airship Q's title update.

About Airship Q

Airship Q is a 2D action RPG featuring sandbox elements, where players solve mysteries by controlling an airship in the open sky as a character who has been transformed into a cat.


Airship Q Characters


Your younger brother Lemuel has been kidnapped by a witch. He’s a crybaby but very reliable.


This witch kidnapped your brother Lemuel. She’s the reason why you’re in a cat form.

Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon is very strong! Let’s equip your ship for the air battle!

Azure Dragon

Azure Dragon is usually hiding. He’s a bit shy.

Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon is scary as hell when he’s upset. He’s a bit of a shut-in though.


Game Info

Release Date : 2015/11/19 (Japan/Asia)

- Physical package(Japan) 2,500yen (incl.Tax)
- Download(Japan) 2,000yen (incl.Tax)

Developer : Miracle Positive
Publisher : Cygames, Inc.


Airship Q Facebook

Airship Q Twitter @AirshipQ

Airship Q - Monsters! part1

Airship Q - Monsters! part1


Airship Q has been released in Japan/Asia!!! Here are some monsters you can study...

Meet Airship Q @ Tokyo Game Show 2015!!

Meet Airship Q @ Tokyo Game Show 2015!!

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Airship Q will be showcased at Sony PlayStation Booth!! We also announced the price of Airship Q.

Airship Q will be released on Nov 19 in Japan! [New Trailer]

Airship Q will be released on Nov 19 in Japan! [New Trailer]


Airship Q will be released on PSVita November 19 in Japan!!Check out our new HP and new trailer!!

Airship Q is coming to PlayStation4 !

Airship Q is coming to PlayStation4 !


In addition to PS Vita, Airship Q will be released on PlayStation4.


Nice idea and game. Good luck!

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I got a couple of questions

1: the way you present the game, it comes off as something relatively similar to a game by the name of terraria, a open world sandbox building game in 2D, however your description makes mention of a actual story, something terraria lacks for the most part, how do you plan on handling the addition of a "story mode" in a game such as a open world building game ?

2: your mention of airships brings up the question of how the airship building aspect will be handled, will there be limitations, how easy/hard will it be to build a airship

3: The description of your game being "Sandbox action RPG" I would like to ask as to what are the elements of RPG you plan on adding in ? will it be a class based RPG, a leveling RPG ....? Or would add different characters that may be interchangeable/form a party ?

4: As question 1 mentionned it, this game is reminiscent of terraria and its likes, wich are all capable of multiplayer, do you have plans for such a feature ? and would it be COOP PvE or rather PvP ?

Do believe thats all my questions as of yet...
thank you and have a nice day

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MiraPosi Creator

Hi Hydremajor,

Thank you for your comment and sorry for this late reply!

1. In this story mode, you’ll go on an adventure to find out the reason why you have been transformed into a cat by a witch.
There’re a boss battle, event flags and some events available. By fighting against a boss and going through some events, you’ll increase your crafting skills and HP.

Islands and terrain are somewhat fixed in the story mode, but each tasks will be performed in a thousand ways, depending on players’ action game skills and crafting levels.

Nature environment will also change: Rain drops create a puddle and grow plants and trees, all driven by an environment simulator.

2. You’ll get a basic ship through an event. You can simply place collected material items on the ship, or place tools like engines, which you can create depending on your crafting levels.
There should be no limitations.

3. There’s no character that will be interchangeable/form a party.
You can create various materials depending on the crafting levels. There’s also a boss flag available.

4. Multiplay via ad-hoc will be available on PS Vita.
Unlike the story mode, there will be several short quests, like Monster Hunter. (ex. dragon fight, crystal mining, tower race, etc.)
This will not be PvP but basically coop, except the tower race.

I’m glad Airship Q attracted your attention.
Thank you for your support!

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Aug 23 2016

[Bomb] Destroys hard black stones. ばくだんは“くろくかたいいし”を破壊できるよ。 #gamedev #indiedev #wondershipq Store.steampowered.com T.co

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There are five hearts in total. “ハート”は全部で5個あるよ。 #gamedev #indiedev #wondershipq Store.steampowered.com T.co

Aug 17 2016

Propellers and Flame Guns require a boiler. “プロペラ”や“かえんじゅう”を使うにはボイラーが必要だよ #gamedev #indiedev #wondershipq T.co

Aug 14 2016