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Ainacra is a medieval mmorpg. It will be without magic and another fantasy things too it will be free 2 play! It will be an medieval sandbox mmorpg, you can chooise your nation, your class, your way to be free. Destroy from the enemy his Countrys, Citys and so on for gold and honor. Build your own house, get a family, go to historical battles and will ever stay for your nation. The MMORPG will have an German and English server, but the alpha version will be german. Wait for 2013, the change of the mmorpgs.

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The Pre-Pre-Alpha test regisstrations are now officialy closed.
We have 17 testers.

The biggest step in our history.
We backuped the world and delete everything...
Why? The complete project was false at beginning.

Official changelog:
- [Bugs fixed]:
Shadow system
Weather system

- [New bugs]:
Some lags when you jump from top of the hill down on the ground.

- [New added]:

- [Removed]:
Old scripts


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hasaosan - - 74 comments

yet another game to unfollow... so many i have followed have fallen threw

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e-Software Creator
e-Software - - 27 comments

The Project is still alive, but the relase date is not getting.
The Project is in a break.

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tokimeki2003 - - 3 comments

My name is Tommy, I'm a 4th year honnours student studying at Edinburgh Napier University. I'm currently studying Digital Media, specializing in sound design. I'm currently seeking for an opportunity to collaborate with the gaming industry through the means of sound design for my honnours project.

Please let me know if there is opportunity available.

Many thanks.

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Ophiel - - 1 comments

Please don't die. Can't wait to release, you got in plans some crafting or rpg taste or it would be straight shooter in medieval style?

Anyway i will play it 100%

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e-Software Creator
e-Software - - 27 comments

It will be like a mmorpg, you start and chooise your faction.
Then you chooise your class.
Then you got your first weapons.
Then you can make quests, or fight for castle's and villages.
Then for example you can craft into you mythril sword an strength diamond then you have more strength.

Do you know Oblivion, it's like this but in mmorpg and a litte better.

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Kisaraji - - 205 comments

When I saw tht this would be an first-person fantasy game, I thougth: man, I would love give it a try!

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e-Software Creator
e-Software - - 27 comments

It will be a first person fantasy mmo. But in medieval style.

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Kisaraji - - 205 comments

Exactly what I want to see, I never though about how would be one.

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maksikk - - 95 comments

I like it... M0AR!!!!

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TheUnknownM - - 954 comments

Nice game i watch it

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e-Software Creator
e-Software - - 27 comments


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