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Adventure Of Bricksta

Is a game about an animate brick on a quest to save all of the brick kind (This Description will be updated as the game closes in on its development)

Looking for 2D artists please apply on our website: Clickpointgames.weebly.com

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Week Start Diary #1


Hello People of the internet, Bradley here from ClickPointGames

Last week we didn't make much progress sadly :( but this is because we are busy looking for a 2D artist to create better sprites and tilesets then we are using now.

However, this doesn't mean we did nothing last week we did:

1) Released the first version on this site,

2) Created an extra part to the currently only level that will be challenging to obtain (And boring too)

3) Finished the upgrade system (Currently only your jump can be upgraded to max level of 10 that effect double jump as well)

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This week we are planning to:

1) create 4 more stock levels

2) Create upgrades for Move speed

3) Create the first actual ability

Once again we will release the current semi stable state of the game on Thursday so look out for that if you're interested if any of the above are complete then they will also be in the game. (if we find anything else to add and if we have time the above list will be extended in next weeks Week Start Diary)

Message for the future

Message for the future


The first download for the game will be released <-27/07/2017->

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Adventure Of Bricksta - InDevV0.01

Adventure Of Bricksta - InDevV0.01


The first release only includes one level there will be bugs if you find any please let us know in a comment. We plan to add updates weekly. ~Bradley...

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